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Brigitte Range

Brigitte Range
The Brigitte Range is a beautiful collection of classic, French style furniture with a natural wooden limed washed finish and antique style metal pull handles. Read More...

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The Brigitte Range

The Brigitte Range is a stunning collection of French inspired, country style furniture. The Brigitte Range has a natural wooden finish with visible grain detailing and a limed finish. This beautiful bedroom furniture collection has a curved, feminine design with simple grooved carving on each piece and antique style pull metal handles. The Brigitte Range contains an elegant variety of furniture designed for bedroom, living room, dining room and hallway use.

What makes The Brigitte Range different from other Wooden Bedroom Furniture?

So, what makes The Brigitte Range different from all the other wooden bedroom furniture collections available right now? The Brigitte Range has been designed with comfort, style and quality in mind. The Brigitte Range is a well-crafted collection of wooden furniture, made for a British Company, by a British Company in British factories. During every step of the design and manufacturing process The Brigitte Range has been revised, adapted and remade to make sure our customers get the quality that should be expected for their hard earned money.

But what about the style features? What makes the Brigitte Range different in that regard?

The design of this furniture collection has been heavily influenced by the classic, French period pieces so popular with furniture and antiques collectors the world over. The curved, feminine look to this furniture range has been included in the design to highlight its elegance and similarity to popular vintage furniture craftsmen.

What items are included in the Brigitte Range?

Furniture items from The Brigitte Range have been designed primarily for Bedroom use. However, the versatility of this range, as well as its stylish look, means it could also work fantastically in a living room, dining room or hallway space. But what furniture items are available from this collection?

The Dressing Table Set:

Included in this furniture collection is a gorgeous Dressing Table Set that contains a large 3 drawer console table, a triple tabletop vanity mirror and a large upholstered stool. This Dressing Table Set is ideal for those who love elegant furniture, French design and versatile bedroom storage. This Dressing Table Set is completed with antique brass metal style pull handles and simple grooved detailing. One of the unique design elements this piece has is that inside the middle console table drawer, is a divider. Now, this divider does have to be assembled by customers once delivered, but this is due to there being several storage options to choose from. You could keep the whole drawer as it comes or use the provided dividers to split your drawer to reflect your storage needs.

The Wardrobe:

This furniture collection also includes a Large Double Wardrobe. This wardrobe has a rustic French farmhouse design, perfect for any bedroom or dressing room. This wardrobe is ideal clothing storage and its design includes a hanging clothes rail as well as a storage drawer. This piece has antique pull brass style metal handles on the drawers, matching the rest of the range, while the double doors have matching knobs, completed with a vintage style detailing.

The Large Chest of Drawers:

Also part of this collection are two different sized chests of drawers. One of these storage chests is a large 6 drawer chest of drawers. This furniture piece matches the rest of this collection perfectly with its French design and natural wood, limed finish. This clothing storage item comes with simple, grooved detailing and antique brass style metal pull handles. The drawers on this item have been designed with metal runners for ease of use.

The Chest of Drawers:

The second set of drawers available in The Brigitte Range has a three drawer design and is slimmer than the Large Chest of Drawers member of this range. This piece, like the rest of this furniture range, has a natural wooden finish with wood grain detail and a limed finish. Each piece has classic groove detail, antique style pull handles and vintage French inspired cabriole legs to complete the feminine look. These chest of drawers would look fantastic in a bedroom, living room or hallway space and are ideal for those searching for an elegant storage solution.

The Bedside Table:

The bedside table included in this furniture range has a two drawer storage design and has the same natural wood finish and antique style pull handles as the rest of this collection. Itís simple, slim design means it could look fabulous in a living room as well as a bedroom and could be used as a side table or lamp table. The drawers on this bedside table are also on metal runners, to help with storage needs.

The Mirror:

There is a matching mirror available in this range, it comes with a feminine curved design and has the same natural wood, limed washed finish as the rest of this French inspired, country style furniture collection. This mirror would make a fabulous home decor addition to any room. This mirrored glass has a bevelled edge, to highlight the elegance and vintage inspired feel of this classic furniture range. This mirror would look stunning above a console table, dressing table, above a chest of drawers or over a mantle piece. This mirror is quite large for a wall mirror, measuring at 100cm in width and would make a great statement wall hanging mirror.

The Bench:

Another stylish furniture piece from the Brigitte Range is this stunning French style upholstered Bench, complete with storage shelf. This Bench has the classic, vintage French design as the other members of the Brigitte Range and is upholstered in the same beige fabric as the Dressing Table Stool. This would make an ideal seating addition or home accessory for a bedroom, living room or hallway.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

How long your furniture delivery will take depends on several factors; what products you have ordered, where you live and if your order is in stock. Most of our large furniture pieces will take between 3-12 working days to be delivered, however some items could be with you in 1-3 working days. We make sure to include on each item for sale on our website the approximate length of delivery as well as how many of the item is available. We currently offer some incentives for our customers to order, including free standard delivery on all orders over £50 as well as a free 200 day return policy. There are some exclusions and exceptions to these offers. For instance, you must have kept the original packaging if you wish to be eligible for our free 200 day returns policy. If you want to confirm any of this information with an adviser before you order, please contact our customer service team who will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can read more about our Delivery and Returns policy by clicking here. ¬†

If the Brigitte Range is not what you are looking for, have a browse of our full Furniture Ranges to find the perfect Range for you. Or take a look at our full Furniture, Mirrors and Home Decor collections and get inspired to update your home with something fabulous!

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