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All of our small space storage solutions all in one place. Perfect for those living in smaller house, flats or those who just love being organised. We boast a beautiful collection of shelving, tables, mirrors and hooks each design with storage needs in mind.


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Small Space Storage Solutions

Finding the right storage for your home is a must in the world of interior design. However, what happens when you are lacking in the space needed to get organised?

You need a small space storage solution!

Well our range of stylish and varied shelving, tables, chests and more designed with maximising space in mind are just the thing!


What types of Storage for small spaces do you stock?

We stock a huge selection of storage designed for an array for rooms that could fit into an abundance of spaces. We stock storage items for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms as well as hallway and kitchen spaces.

Our designs span a variety of home decor styles including Vintage, Rustic, Scandi, Modern, Industrial and Shabby Chic inspired designs.



Shelving is the perfect choice for those living in small spaces. Our shelving selection comprises of open shelves, cabinets, cupboards, multi-shelving units, ladder shelves, single shelves, sconces and more. Finding the right shelving for any space, particularly a room on the smaller side, can seem challenging - so, how do you pick?

Think about what storage needs you will have in your room of choice. Are you searching for a single display shelf for a certain item? A small decorative shelf is the right choice for you. Perhaps you have a collection you wish to display and need multiple shelves? One of our open multi-shelf designs is ideal for this.

Maybe you wish to make your shelving choice a feature piece and want something freestanding? Pick one of our ladder shelving units, perfect for decor, books or plants.

We have the answers to your storage prayers - view the full collection for more ideas.



Mirrors may not be the first piece of home decor that comes to mind when you think of storage solutions. But let us illuminate you as to why you may be missing out!

Many of our customers are purchasing storage for the bathroom or bedroom, a place where a mirror is often featured. So why not make your mirror doubles as a storage piece?

We stock a huge selection of wall mirrors with built in shelves or hooks - perfect for toiletries, bathrobes or towels! Our mirror designs include rustic, vintage, scandi and industrial style designs, so we know we will stock one to suit any home interior style.



Chests are a traditional yet stylish storage option - especially for bedrooms, living rooms or hallway spaces.

One of our favourite drawer unit options for small spaces are Tall Boy Chests of Drawers such as our Black Pine Wood 5 Drawer Tall Boy Chest.

Ideal for those in need of multi-drawer storage but whom are lacking in floor space, tall boys are upright furniture pieces and are ideal for storing clothing as well as bathroom or bedroom accessories.



Tables are one of our most purchased furniture items and a great use of limited space. Side tables in particular don't take up a lot of floor room but, depending on the design you choose, can be one of the best storage items to invest in.

For example, our range of Wire Basket Tables are some of our bestselling items and we stock them in a selection of colours so there is one to suit any and all colour schemes.

Console tables are another great table investment for storage purposes. We boast a selection of console tables with a slimmer design, ideal for smaller homes.

Our half-moon console tables are some of our most popular products and will instantly update any interior while taking up very little space, another win for compact spaces.


Wall Storage

Wall space often goes undervalued when it comes to smaller homes.

There is a huge variety of wall storage available, if you look in the right places and use your imagination, wall storage could be the answer to your space saving prayers.

Hooks, racks and cupboards are a stylish, low effort an effective way of creating more storage while taking up a small amount of room. Rather than a standing storage unit, use a collection of hooks instead. Pick a wall cupboard of a sideboard or a rack rather than a wardrobe.

Wall storage could help you make the most of your compact interior space.



Trolleys have become hugely popular storage pieces in the last few years. Ideal for a kitchen, bathroom or living room space, these furniture pieces can be easily moved and restyles, so if even if your storage needs change, your furniture doesn’t have to.  Our customers particularly love using trolleys in a kitchen space, to store extra pans or additional cutlery.

However, a trolley could be featured in any room and could be used as a statement piece of decor in its own right. Just because your space is small, doesn't mean your style can't stand out!


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