Daventry Range – Furniture Bundle, Chest Of Drawers, Dressing Table Set and Pair of Bedsides

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Hi, I can see this furniture is out of stock until 12th September.
Is this when you will be receiving an order of it all or do I need to pre-order the furniture for it to come in?
Thank you


Thankyou for your question.

The Daventry range is due back in to stock on the 12th September. We do recommend placing your order on pre-order with us to ensure we secure the stock for you as this is a top selling range and sells out fast.

Any further questions or to leave a deposit to hold your order please call 01302741000

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Daventry Range

White Dressing Table Vanity Mirror with Drawers – Lila Range

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Dana Alexander


Please can you confirm that the item above includes the dressing table, mirror, draws and stool. I am really interested in this item and I think it looks lovely and the price is great, however I kind of think it feels too good to be true, so I just wanted to double check.

Thanks 🙂

Hi Dana,

Thank you for your question.

Sadly the White Dressing Table Vanity Mirror with Drawers – Lila Range is only the listing for the vanity mirror with drawers but the Lila Range – White Dressing Table, Stool & Mirror you can buy the full dressing table set in the Lila range with mirror and stool.

Any further questions please just ask

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