As we head towards the summer months, you’re probably thinking about how you can update your garden space for the new season!

Despite our often lacklustre weather here in the UK, we Britons love to spend time outdoors during the summer. After all, BBQ’s do become a national pastime once June comes around!

However, for many of us, having just survived a cold winter and an often very damn spring, we push the state of our outdoor spaces to the back of our minds. Unfortunately, this means we leave updating our garden to the last minute!

Get ahead of the curve in 2024 and get your garden ready for summer by following our handy guide! Read ahead for our top 3 ways to update your garden! 

Invest in the right Garden Furniture

Investing in the right furniture can transform not only how an outdoor space looks, but how you yourself use it.

However, garden furniture is just that, an investment, and you should think seriously about your furniture needs before purchasing. Consider how you actually use your garden during the summer. 

For example, if you are someone who hosts often, you are probably going to need an outdoor dining set. If you just prefer to take your breakfast outside during warm mornings, a bistro set would be better for you! For those who just like to sit and watch the birds in the evening, perhaps a garden bench would be the best furniture piece for your needs. 

If you don’t need a huge garden furniture set, don’t get one! Large sets can take up too much space and limit how you would prefer to use your outdoor space. And there is nothing worse than buyer’s regret!

So, let’s talk about the different types of furniture you could introduce to your garden this summer!

Large Sage Green Metal Sun Lounger

1.) Sun Loungers

For sun worshipers there is no better garden furniture piece than a sun lounger! 

Comfortable and stylish, sun loungers are one of the best furniture items to invest in if you plan to spend your summer laying back and catching those rays! 

There are a wide variety of sunlounger styles you can choose from, from sleek modern loungers to ornate inspired vintage designs. 

We would suggest investing in a sun lounger if you are blessed with a larger garden space. Although sun loungers can be placed on grass, we would advise situating your sun lounger on a deck or patio area, especially if you care about lawn care! 

We are huge fans of vintage style sun loungers and our favourite sun lounger comes in both Cream and Sage Green

Antique Cream Bistro Set

2.) Bistro Sets

Do you want to feel like you’re in the French Riviera this summer?

A bistro set is the one for you! This classic, European inspired garden set will transform your garden into a quaint outdoor cafe space and provide enough seating for you and a friend or partner. 

The classic bistro set design comes with a simple round table design and a pair of matching chairs. Often bistro sets are crafted from metal and come with intricate, ornate detailing, such as swirls, festoons or nature inspired details like flowers or leafs. 

We stock a stylish selection of vintage style, metal bistro sets available in Sage Green, Cream and Grey designs. 

As bistro sets tend to be on the smaller side, you could place these in any available outdoor area, including balconies, conservatories, on patios or directly in the garden itself.

Pink Arched Metal Garden Bench

3.) Benches

For those who are just looking for a place to rest their legs, to add a farmhouse touch to their outdoor area or for just some extra seating, a bench is the way to go!

The great thing about garden benches is that they are a compact, space saving furniture option that is both practical and stylish. 

Although you can get benches made from materials like wood or plastic, aim for a bench made of metal if you really want it to last long term. 

Some of our most popular outdoor bench designs come in curved, vintage style shapes with a wide selection of colours available, even pink!

Find the perfect Garden Mirror

Do you have a smaller outdoor space? Or perhaps you’d like to add a touch of whimsy to your garden? Look no further than a garden mirror

Inexpensive and easy to install, outdoor mirrors can instantly change the look of your garden as well as making the space appear larger!

But how do you find the right one?

As there are so many different styles of mirrors available, your first step should be defining your personal style. Is your garden more vintage? A touch rustic? Very minimal? Your style will determine which outdoor mirror is the best option for you. To help you choose, here are some of our favourite garden mirrors for you to choose from.

Round Metal Vintage Sage Green Mirror 60cm x 60cm

1.) Vintage Mirror

Do you prefer the look of vintage or shabby chic inspired outdoor areas? This look can be easy to achieve with the right furniture, mirrors or accessories.

For vintage fans, opt for outdoor mirrors with ornate details, distressed finishes and a pale or pastel colour palette. You are aiming for an antiqued look, so mirrors that have a design that could have existed 100 years ago, should be what you are aiming for.

Our favourite outdoor mirror that fits this aesthetic is this Round Metal Vintage Sage Green Mirror, also available in Cream and Grey, this mirror features stunning curved metal overlay and a bright, distressed sage green painted finish. 

Large Rustic Wooden Window Wall Mirror 120cm x 90cm

2.) Rustic Mirror

If you are a fan of farmhouse or country style gardens, you should be looking for garden mirrors with a distinctly rustic look in a neutral colour. Try to feature mirrors that have wooden or metal frames and include heavy distressing or visible wood grain.

Window mirrors are great outdoor mirrors and are ideal for achieving the rustic look, as they mimic salvaged items.

One of our most popular outdoor mirrors that fit this aesthetic is this Large Rustic Wooden Window Wall Mirror, also available in White. An eye catching feature mirror that would look just as amazing outside as it does inside. We love its washed wooden finish and impressive size! 

Extra Large White Window Mirror 144cm x 59cm

3.) Minimal Mirror

For lovers of modern, minimalist outdoor spaces, mirrors can work just as well in this style of garden!

To make sure you achieve that sleek, contemporary vibe in your outdoor space, choose mirrors with limited detailing, in neutral colours such as white, black or grey and with non distressed finishes. Minimal style is all about clean lines and an emphasis on design, your garden mirror should reflect this.

A popular outdoor mirror that fits with this aesthetic is this Extra Large White Window Mirror, also available in Black and Sage Green. We adore its multi panelled design, thin frame and contemporary feel. 

Accessorise with Garden Decor

Just like with the inside of your home, decor is pivotal in making your garden feel and look complete. Often, when updating outdoor spaces, people understandably focus on the big things, like furniture, and forget just how different an area can look with a few bits of decor!

Introducing a few small decor items to your garden can make the space look totally different, and is great for those of us on a budget! 

But what items make the most difference? We’ve chosen some of our most popular outdoor decor categories to help you find the right items for your space. 

Pink Metal Three Tier Plant Stand

1.) Plant Storage

One way to immediately make your garden look different is through plant pots, plant stands and plant storage. The great thing about introducing this type of decor to your outdoor area is that it is low cost, low effort and will instantly create character! 

As there is such a wide variety of plant storage available, you can mix and match styles or sizes, depending on your needs. 

For example, if you are someone who collects different potted plants and wants to display them, this Pink Metal Three Tier Plant Stand is an excellent choice. With its ornate detailing and eye-catching colour, this plant stand can store a huge selection of different sized plants.

If you want something a little more whimsical, this Rustic Metal Wishing Well Planter Pot might be the one for you! Quirky, rustic and a little vintage, this planter pot could fit into a huge selection of outdoor styles.

For those in need of some wall plant storage, this Set of 2 Ornate Antique Cream Wall Planters will make a beautiful addition to any garden wall, fence or shed. Lightweight, vintage and easy to mount, this set is also available in Grey. 

Set Of 3 Antique Cream Decorative Garden Spheres

2.) Outdoor Ornaments 

Ornamental decor is a great way to make your garden look a little more ‘you’. Adding a few ornamental elements to your outdoor space can help achieve that homely, lived in look many of us want from our gardens.

A simple yet effective way to add ornamental decor to your garden is via flower beds. Try adding items like this Set Of 3 Antique Cream Decorative Garden Spheres, also available in Sage Green. These ornamental spheres can blend into vintage, rustic or modern styled outdoor spaces.

Alternatively, try products like this Rustic Metal Butterfly Garden Stake. Simple, charming and designed to stay outdoors, this stake will jazz up any garden!

And for those who regularly entertain, why not choose this Sage Green Metal Bar Cart Plant Stand, that can be used as both plant display as well as a working outdoor drinks cart! 

Pink Leopard Print Coir Door Mat

3.) Decorative accessories

Finally, a few decorative accessories can help your outdoor area stand out from the crowd. Depending on what you use your garden for, think about investing in items like trays or jugs. These decor pieces will not only help change the way your space, but can change how you use it.

For instance, this Long Rustic Wooden Tray is both decorative and practical, as it could be used to decorate your outdoor table but could also be used to serve drinks or food during BBQ’s or garden parties. Decorative jugs, like this Matte Black Metal Jug are perfect for displaying your favourite hand picked flowers, as well as creating a beautiful table centrepiece for gatherings.

A decorative accessory that is cheap and cheerful are door mats! We all need a doormat outside to make sure we clean our feet before entering our home, so why not make it a statement? We stock a stylish variety of doormats available in polka dot and animal prints, as well as various colours. Our favourite is this bold Pink Leopard Print Coir Door Mat, perfect for fans of everything pink!

And that’s all you have to do! Are you updating your garden in 2024? Comment and let us know! 

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