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Bedroom Set, Pair of Mirrored 2 Drawer Bedside Tables - Tiffany Range
Save £187.95 | RRP £459.90
Save £5.50 | RRP £29.95
Extra Large White Ornate Wall/Floor Mirror 158cm x 78cm
Save £45.00 | RRP £171.95
Large Black Iron Skeleton Wall Clock
Save £22.00 | RRP £93.95
Save £22.00 | RRP £93.95
Save £62.00 | RRP £437.95
Save £177.00 | RRP £676.95
Mirrored Chest of Drawers - Tiffany Range
Save £165.00 | RRP £687.95
Mirrored Double Wardrobe - Tiffany Range
Save £453.00 | RRP £1302.95
Save £14.00 | RRP £93.95
Save £8.00 | RRP £83.95
Save £10.00 | RRP £39.95
Save £14.00 | RRP £44.95
Save £12.00 | RRP £79.95
White 3 Drawer Bedside Table - Lila Range
Save £41.00 | RRP £169.95
Save £7.50 | RRP £22.95
Save £5.00 | RRP £13.95
Save £149.90 | RRP £559.85
Save £150.90 | RRP £677.85
Save £46.00 | RRP £219.95
Save £94.95 | RRP £457.90
Save £4.00 | RRP £24.95
Save £61.00 | RRP £264.95
Save £261.75 | RRP £2040.70
Antique Gold Arched Triple Vanity Mirror 60cm x 72cm
Save £1.00 | RRP £84.95
Save £3.00 | RRP £94.95
Antique Gold Hares Table Lamp with Green Shade
Save £8.00 | RRP £47.95
Save £4.00 | RRP £6.95
Save £4.00 | RRP £31.95
Save £335.00 | RRP £1533.95

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Your bedroom is your own little sanctuary away from the rest of the world and should reflect your personal style. Creating beautiful bedrooms is what we do best and helping our customers design their dream bedroom space is what we love to do. We stock a stunning collection of bedroom furniture, mirrors and home decor that will help transform any room!

What type of Bedroom products do you stock?


Our Bedroom collection contains furniture such as wardrobes, chests of drawers, dressing tables and bedside tables. Many of our furniture collections include a variety of bedroom furniture sets to help our customers complete their bedrooms with matching items. Each furniture range that we release includes a bedroom set as well as a variety of option for other rooms.


We stock a stunning variety of mirrors in a selection of sizes, colours and finishes. Our mirror collection contains extra large mirrors, full length mirrors, freestanding mirrors, wall mirrors, dressing tables mirror as well as decorative mirrors. Mirrors are an ideal home accessory for bedrooms as this is a space in which they get the most use.

Home Decor:

We boast a stylish collection of bedroom home decor, perfect for adding the finishing touch to any bedroom space. Our collection include storage trays, trinket boxes, candle holders, photo frames, hooks, vases and more! Our bedroom decor collection spans all styles we stock, to make sure there is something available for everyone.

What style of Bedroom furniture do you stock?

We stock a stunning collection of Bedroom furniture in a wide selected of styles, colours and finishes. Our furniture collection includes items designed with the most popular interior design styles in mind. So what styles do we have?


Vintage style furniture is defined by its classic, elegant design. Vintage style furniture takes inspiration from past furniture styles, such as rococo era France or Victorian England. Vintage style is a broad umbrella term. However, when people are referencing this style they are often speaking about more ornate, feminine furniture styles. Vintage style often uses a pale or neutral colour palette and includes vintage motifs such as a fleur de Lys.

Shabby Chic:

Shabby Chic style is similar to vintage design, in that both looks are inspired by classic furniture design. However, Shabby Chic style differs from Vintage style in that Shabby Chic style’s aim is to attempt to replicate what a piece from that time period would look like, including the wear and tear. Shabby Chic style items are often heavily distressed or have an antique style finish.


Rustic style products are mainly constructed from wood, metal or other natural looking materials. Rustic style is often characterised by the use of exposed wood and a natural colour palette, including plenty of earth tones. Rustic style interiors are reminiscent of the lodge, cottage or cabin aesthetic.


Industrial style is similar to rustic style in its use of wood and earth tones. However, Industrial style often includes more metal based furniture items, often with a mid-century modern or Danish design. Products often feature heavily distressed finishes and quirky detailing, such as gears, propellers of nautical themes, to highlight the industrial feel.


Luxury style items are defined by their ornate detailing and often intricate design. The majority of our luxury style items include mirrored detail, such as mirrored panelling or a mirrored surface on the product. Mirrored furniture oozes a luxurious feel and is perfect for those wishing to create a WOW factor in their space.


Scandinavian style furniture has a simple, clean and minimalist design. Scandinavian style interiors often use a pale or cool colour palette and items are often constructed using wood or metal. The simple style of Scandinavian design is its appeal, and this look is perfect for those who prefer the uncomplicated look of minimalism.

How long will the delivery of my order take?

The length of time your delivery takes will depend on the item you have ordered, where in the UK you live or if the item is in stock or not. Many of our bedroom furniture items take between 3-12 working days to be delivered, though we try to get your delivery to you within a week if possible. This time frame also applies to many of our larger mirrors. Smaller mirrors and home decor items usually take between 1-3 working days to be delivered. All items on our website include the approximate delivery time and the stock availability of the item. We offer free standard delivery on all orders over £50 and a free 200 day returns policy. However, there are exceptions to these policies. To be eligible for our 200 day free returns policy you must have kept your original packaging and any damage must be reported within 7 days of delivery. If you would like to read more about our Free Shipping & Returns policy please click here.

Want to know more about our collections? You can view our full Furniture collection here, our full Home Decor collection here and our Mirrors collection here.

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