Mirrors are magic! The perfect mirror can completely transform a space from dark, drab and dull to gorgeous, elegant and chic! They are a timeless home accessory and one of our bestselling items! Find your dream mirror and complete your interior vibe! Read More...

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Tall Silver Ornate Bevelled Mirror 47cm x 142cm
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Tall Silver Wall / Leaner Mirror
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Round Gold Wall Mounted Mirror 50cm x 50cm
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Large Round Gold Wall Mirror 97cm x 97cm
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Large Round Vintage White Wall Mirror 80cm x 80cm
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Large Ornate White Wall/Leaner Mirror 176cm x 76cm
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Large Black Rectangle Mirror 60cm x 140cm
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Extra Large Round Black Wall Mirror 120cm x 120cm
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Large Black Thin Frameless Leaner Mirror 80cm x 180cm
Save £42.00 | RRP £218.95
Save £3.00 | RRP £42.95
Extra, Extra Large Ornate Antique Silver Full Length Wall/Floor Mirror 85cm x 210cm
Save £81.00 | RRP £260.95

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Mirrors are one of our favourite decor items and the perfect home accessory! Why? Adding a mirror to your decor can create the illusion of space and light, instantly opening up any room in your home.

We stock a huge selection of beautiful Mirrors at an affordable price, to make sure our customers get the best, for less!

What type of Mirrors of Melody Maison stock?

We boast a stunning collection Mirrors in a variety of styles and designs. Our collection includes vintage, shabby chic, rustic, French, industrial, glamorous and modern styles available in a variety of colours and sizes.

What colour Mirrors do you have?

Our Mirror collection spans a selection of colours and finishes. We stock a large variety of Silver Mirrors, our most popular colour. This Silver Mirror collection includes Wall Mirrors, Full Length Mirrors, Round Mirrors and Dressing Table Mirrors. We also have a large variety of White Mirrors designed for bedroom, living room, hallway and Bathroom use. Melody Maison also stock a large selection of Black Mirrors, Gold Mirrors and Cream Mirrors as well as many others.

Where should I put my Mirror?

The great thing about Mirrors is they look fantastic in any room! We do specifically have collections designed purposely for Bathrooms and Gardens. However, the large majority of our collection can fit into any room or interior theme.

The most popular rooms to feature Mirrors in tend to be Bedrooms, Living Rooms and Bathrooms.


When looking for a Mirror for their Bedroom, many of our customers prefer to choose Full Length Mirrors, Large Mirrors or Dressing Table Mirrors. We boast a beautiful range of Full Length Mirrors including Silver, White, Gold, Black and many other colours. Our Full Length Mirrors include wall hanging mirrors, leaner mirrors and free standing designs. Many of our items have a Vintage, Shabby Chic. Modern or Rustic style look or finish.

Living Room:

Often, our customers purchasing living room mirrors tend to choose over mantle mirrors, such as designs from our Round Mirrors or Wall Mirrors collection. Our Wall Mirrors include frameless designs, beaded edging, ornate detailing as well as geometric or swirl designs.


Mirrors are an essential bathroom accessory. We stock a variety of designs that look fabulous in a bathroom space, including Mirrors with shelf storage, so all your toiletries can stay organised!

How do I fix a Mirror to a wall?

What you need to fix your mirror to a wall will depend on the size and weight of the mirror you have purchased. You must always check the weight before attempting to hang any design or you run the risk of serious injury to yourself and others. It is important to determine what type of wall you are hanging your mirror on. The types you could have are masonry, plaster or drywall. The type of wall you have will affect the fixing you need.

Hang a Mirror using Hooks:

Step 1.)

Check the back of your mirror for D-rings. These are how your wall hooks will attach to your mirror.

Step 2.)

Measure the space between the D-rings, this is how far apart your hooks will need to be.

Step 3.)

Place one of the mounting hooks in the D-ring, as it would appear on the wall. Measure the space from the hooks mounting hole to the top of the mirror. This distance is where your mounting hook will need to sit on the wall.

Step 4.)

Use a spirit level to mark out on the wall the measurements listed in step 2 and 3.

Step 5.)

Use a wall hanger to ensure your wall can support the weight of you mirror. Attach the mounting hook.

Step 6.)

Hang the mirror on the hooks, check carefully that the mirror is level and properly secured.

Hang a Mirror using brackets:

Step 1.)

Check the back of your mirror, how many brackets does your mirror have? For this example, we will pretend your mirror has two, however this method will work for a design with one or more.

Step 2.)

Measure the distance between the bracket holes as well as the distance between these holes and the top of the mirror.

Step 3.)

Mark the measurements taken in Step 2 on the wall, using a spirit level to make sure they are level.

Step 4.)

Use a hammer and screw to make a small hole in the wall where you made the measurement markings. Lightly drive the screw into the wall, making a hole for anchor.

Step 5.)

Use a hammer to insert the anchor into the hole and use a screwdriver to fix the screw into the anchor. Leave about 6mm sticking out of the wall, for your mirror to hang onto.

Step 6.)

Hang your mirror on the wall, make sure it is secure and level.

How do I look after my Mirror?

Unfortunately, like any glass like surface, Mirrors collect dust quickly and are very easy to mark. Often, these things cannot be avoided, but we have some handy tips to help you minimise these issues.  

Tip 1.)

Avoid areas that have a high level of dirt, dust or pet hair. For instance, a mirror near a door or entry way is far more likely to attract dust and grime than anywhere else.

Tip 2.)

To minimise the risk of marks or scratches, avoid placing your mirror at the same height as your pets or children. Sticky hands or dirty paw prints will have you cleaning several times a day. Scratches, marks and chips are also far more likely to happen at this height. Feet can also easily catch at this level and it only takes one chip to ruin a mirror!

Tip 3.)

What if it’s too late and your mirror is already covered in smudges? We advise only cleaning with a non-solvent cleaning spray, general cleaning sprays can dull shine and sparkle. A microfiber cloth will help minimise the look of streaks and won't leave lint residue on the surface.

How long will my Mirror take to be delivered?

The time of your delivery depends on which mirror you have chosen and whereabouts you live. Some of our designs could be with you as quickly as 1-3 working days, while large or freestanding items can take between 3-12 days. Items can be sent via three ways, through the Royal Mail service, via approved couriers or by our own delivery drivers. Melody Maison offer free shipping on orders over £50 and a 200 day returns policy. To return an item you must still have your original packaging and have to have reported any damage within 7 days of delivery. You can read more about our Delivery & Returns policy.

Have you found the perfect Mirror for your home? Then why not have a browse of our Furniture and Home Decor collections too!

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