The bathroom should be a place to relax and unwind so create a place you love with our range of furniture, accessories, and much more!


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Round Gold Wall Mounted Mirror 50cm x 50cm
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The bathroom is the easiest room to decorate and the easiest room to overlook. When decorating a home, many people forget about giving bathrooms a bit of personality, viewing this space as simply a necessity in the homes design. We want to change your mind and convince you to leave your mark on your bathroom space. Let us inspire you with our bathroom collection.


What types of Bathroom products do you stock?

We boast a fabulous selection of items designed with Bathroom use in mind. Our collection spans across furniture items such as cabinets, storage, shelving and mirrors as well as decor items and bathroom accessories. So, what exactly do we stock?


We stock a variety of furniture designed with bathroom use in mind. Our collection includes furniture items such as our stylish range of bathroom cabinets, including mirrored, glass and plain fronted designs. Other furniture pieces include wall units and shelves as well as freestanding storage units.


Mirrors are our most popular bathroom items, no bathroom is complete without a mirror. Our designs span a selection of styles including modern, industrial, rustic, vintage and shabby chic style bathroom mirrors. We boast a range of mirrors designed specifically for bathrooms that had additional storage such as shelves or hooks added to their design.

Home Decor

To decorate your bathroom space, we have included items such as toilet roll, towel holders, hooks and bins. Our Bathroom decor selection contains items to suit every interior style.


What style of Bathroom items do you stock?

We stock a wide range of styles of items including Modern, Vintage, Shabby Chic, Rustic and Industrial inspired pieces. Not sure which style is which? Let us help with a few examples of our best sellers!


Modern style items such as this Large Round Gold Wall Mirror will easily add a little glamour to any space, while its circular shape it right on trend in the interior world. Modern style can be classed as anything cutting edge or trending.


Our most popular vintage style item is this pretty Cream Heart Design Toilet Roll Holder, ideal for adding a little vintage class to your decor and perfect wall storage for your necessities.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic style products like this French Style Bathroom Wall Cabinet with Shelf will add an elegant, feminine touch to any decor theme. This gorgeous wall storage piece is perfect for those with a pale or pastel toned colour palette.


Add a little rustic charm to your bathroom space with this Large Round Mirrored Wall Unit. A stylish storage addition to any room, this fabulous decor piece will double as a mirror and a shelf - what's not to love?


One of our most popular bathroom mirrors and a top selling industrial style design, is this fantastic Rustic Industrial Round Mirror with Shelf, ideal for sitting above a sink or vanity. Our customers love its handy shelf, perfect for storing toiletries!


How to Care for Items in the Bathroom

When placing furniture, mirrors or home decor in a space where dampness occurs, you always need to be careful about what items you invest in. Here are some handy information and tips to help you make the right purchase.


All cabinets and furniture designed for bathroom use from Melody Maison are sealed to prevent dampness getting into wood and causing mould or rotting issues. We strive to make sure our customers get the best quality items they can afford and we refuse to cut corners. If you are purchasing any shelving or wall storage from us and wish to know if it can be fitted into a room that is often damp, please contact our customer service team and they will let you know.


Please make sure any mirror you purchase to use in this space is crafted from a material that can withstand dampness or has been sealed to be protected against damp. Our customer service team and can help you with any questions about any mirrors on our website you may have. We also advise customers that they make sure any mirror is fitted to a wall correctly, especially those wanting to hang mirrors above sink units. Why? Because a mirror incorrectly hung could easily fall and smash, not only destroying the mirror, but also your bathroom suit!

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