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5 Ways to introduce the ‘Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic’ to your home

What is the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic?

This trend has recently been everywhere on tiktok, but what does it mean and how can you be part of it?

The term ‘Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic’ was originally coined by tiktoker @lexinicoleta regarding her love of Nancy Myers movies and the aspirational characters in them, many of whom, she claims, fit the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic. 

But what actually is it? In short, it’s a whole lifestyle. 

Think; Diane Keaton’s character in Something’s Gotta Give, cable knit jumpers and farmers markets, freshly cut flowers and woven straw hats.

This is the stuff a Coastal Grandmother is made of.

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So, how does this translate into interiors?

As we’ve noted, the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic is aspirational, you don’t actually have to be living in a Hamptons beach front property to take part (though it helps!). But the look can be easily achieved by playing with materials, textures and colours. For example, rustic wooden chairs, ornate mirrors, wicker baskets, linen curtains, antique books and, of course, fresh flowers sitting in a vase will instantly help you recreate this trending vibe.

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We’ve picked out 5 ‘Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic’ tips to help you get the look!

Tip 1.) Lean into the beach vibe with rustic furniture

For your furniture, choose pieces with a rustic look and natural wood finishes. Details like rattan sections or basket weaving on your furniture add to the coastal, country vibe.

Tip 2.) Get that old money glamour with an ornate mirror

Adding an ornate, vintage style mirror is a simple way to create a luxurious feel to a space. To truly recreate this aesthetic, your home should give the impression that you have collected high quality items over the course of your life, and antique style mirrors are an easy way to do this!

Tip 3.) Add a quirky touch to your wall space with wall decor

The right wall pieces can create a sense of character in a room. For the coastal grandmother aesthetic, choose items with a vintage or antique look, pick pieces that can stand alone as art in their own right. 

Tip 4.) Create that vintage feel with home accessories

It’s all in the details, for this aesthetic, go for home accessories with a vintage feel and an aged appearance. Think distressed paintwork on wood, antique finishes to metals. Decor items that wouldn’t look out of place in a museum are the way to go!

Tip 5.) Add a shabby chic touch to your garden space

Lastly, the coastal grandmother spends a lot of their time in the garden, so this area of your home will need a little update. Garden items with a French, shabby chic inspired design would help recreate this look and are perfect for garden parties!

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