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How to: Choose the right mirror for you!


The right mirror can transform a room!

Due to its reflective nature, a mirror can instantly create the illusion of more space and light, opening up your interior.

But how do you choose the right mirror for your space?

Choosing the right mirror can be difficult. 

Firstly, you must measure the space where you would like to place the mirror, making sure that if you plan on wall mounting your mirror, that the walls are secure enough to hold the weight. 

Secondly, decide on the style of mirror you’re looking for! 

Is your home more Minimalist? Vintage? Rustic? Decide what style would best suit your home before you start your search.

Now you know what style you are looking for and the area you will be placing it, you can start choosing the right mirror for you!

We will be focusing on the size and shape of mirrors and how you can pick the best one to suit your needs.

1.) Large Full Length Mirrors

Do you have a large area to work with? If so you may want to choose a full length style mirror.

The great thing about full length mirrors is that you can wall mount them or use them as a leaner mirror. This is ideal for those who regularly want to swap around their decor, as there will be no holes left in your walls to fix. 

But why else should you choose to go Full Length?

If you are placing your mirror in a bedroom, dressing room, entryway or hallway space, a full length mirror is probably the best way to go.

2.) Round Wall Mirrors

Are you searching for a mirror to wall mount that would look just as good placed above a fireplace as it would on its own?

Round mirrors are a huge trend at the moment due to their ability to easily fit into any style of interior. Round mirrors can blend seamlessly into modern, vintage or boho style spaces, so if you regularly update your home’s style, a round mirror might be the way to go.  

Another great thing about round mirrors is they come in a wide selection of sizes, so if you only have a small space to wall mount your mirror or a fully empty wall, our round mirrors range from 50cm right up to 120cm, so we have something available for all sized spaces!

3.) Arched Mirrors 

The most popular mirror shape of the moment is the Arch. Simple, sleek and perfect for minimalists and maximalists alike, arched mirrors can blend easily into any interior style. 

Arched mirrors’ is, admittedly, a broad term, and many different designs can fit into this specification. For example, a mirror can be full length and arched, like this Black Framed Arch Wall Mirror.

A great choice for bathrooms, hallway or bedroom spaces and ideal for those with a slim space to mount a mirror.

Another style of arch is an ornate design, like this Ornate Arched Silver Wall Mirror, this style of arch is more detailed and curved, but is still classed as an arched mirror.

A common arched design are window mirrors, like this Large Rustic White Arched Window Mirror, a stylish choice for fans of farmhouse style and look just as good indoors, as they do outdoors!

4.) Table Top Mirrors

A table top mirror may be the way to go if you are looking for a mirror for a bedroom, bathroom or shelving space.

Why? Easily movable, available in a selection of designs and perfect for those who need to get close up for their make up or skin care routine.

Table top mirrors come in freestanding designs, this could be triple mirror design, a swing design or on a stand. The best thing about table top mirrors is that they can be placed on any surface!

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