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How to: Jump on the Organic Modern Interior Trend


What is Organic Modern? You’ve probably heard of this latest trending interior design style, but what is it and how can you achieve this look?

Organic Modern is an interior design trend with roots in Scandinavian inspired minimalism, borrowing style notes from mid century modern design and incorporating bohemian inspired elements.

The resulting look has a feeling of relaxed  luxury, with a focus on organic materials, natural elements, sculptural shapes and a keen focus on craftsmanship and design. Ultimately, this interior style is about creating a livable yet elegant space.

Blowing up on tiktok and other social media platforms, this interior style has replaced the tired ‘Millennial Grey’ trend of the 2010’s as the defining interior style of the 2020’s.

High end, warmer and more comforting, this trend moves away from the corporate minimalism of millennial grey into a cosier, more rustic minimalism. Many attribute this trend’s popularity to the pandemic, with people spending more time in their homes and wanting to get back to a more natural way of living.

But how can you get this look in your home? Read ahead for our top 3 tips for recreating this trend.

Tip 1.) Include in natural materials

One of the most important design elements of this style is including natural materials. Items crafted from wood, cotton or stone are key to nailing this trend. Choose furniture or decor that are made from these materials!

For example, when designing a living room in this style, you could choose a sideboard made of wood, a sofa with a cotton cover and candle holders or trinket trays made of stone, marble or quartz. Include items like plants, alive or dried, to accessorise and keep on the natural theme.

Tip 2.) Play with organic shapes

Harsh lines should be avoided as much as possible with this style, opt for curves instead to soften your space. Asymmetrical shapes have seen a huge rise in popularity due to this trend! You can incorporate this into your space via mirrors, rugs or vases. These items are easier to find in organic shapes and quick to switch out.

You can also include organic shapes via artwork or other wall decor. Shapes like arches are popular for this design style due to their curved look and can be easily incorporated via mirrors, shelving nooks or even wall murals.

Tip 3.) Keep it neutral

The ultimate style note for this design trend is the colour palette, keep it neutral! Choose colours that are easily found in nature and compliment the natural materials you use, but choose warmer toned shades. Beige, stone, terracotta and brown are ideal for warming up a space while acting as a natural base.

You can also add accent colours like black or white but keep these colours to a minimum, so they don’t overpower your space and make it colder. The key thing to keep in mind is you want your home to feel cosy while still feeling minimal.

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