how to decorate your hallway

Are you unsure of how to decorate your hallway?

Your hallway space is the first time visitors are introduced to your home, therefore, it should set the tone for your home vibe and reflect your personal style. 

After all, we understand that any hallway can be hard to decorate, as you are usually working with a small space.

Because of this, we often get asked; What colours make a hallway look bigger? How do you make a hallway look welcoming? What furniture to put in a hallway? How can I make my hallway look nice? And the ultimate question; How should you decorate a hallway?

For this reason, we’ve put together this guide to help you decide how to decorate your hallway!

Pick Your Hallway Colour Palette

Colour is key!

As hallways tend to be smaller, darker areas of your home, try to opt for a colour palette that’s on the lighter side.

Despite this, it doesn’t mean that you have to forgo colour!

Just choose lighter shades of the colours you like to decorate your hallway, for example rather than a deep navy blue, opt for a paler, pastel blue instead.

Although, if you’re interested in adding bolder, darker colours, choose them as accent colours instead! For example, you could paint your skirting or radiator in a darker colour. Also, you could use accessories to introduce the darker colours into this space, without affecting the look of the size or length of the hallway.

Choose Your Hallway Furniture

Finding the right furniture for a hallway can be a struggle, as for many people, this is the smallest area of their home. 

For this reason, one furniture item that works well in a hallway space is a console table!

After all, the great thing about console tables is they come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. For example, a half moon console table, like this Daventry White Half Moon Table is the perfect size and shape for hallways!

Alternatively you could opt for a long, thin console table design like this Slim Gold Mirrored Art Deco Console Table, ideal for fans of luxurious design!. 

If a console table isn’t really your style, another furniture piece great for hallways are wall shelving and wall cabinets!

Instead, choose items like this White Wall Shelf with Hooks for your hallway space, as the shelf can display your home decor, while the hooks can store your coats and bags! Great storage that takes up very little space!

Find The Perfect Hallway Mirror

You might be wondering why you should introduce a mirror into your hallway, if you’re struggling for space?

In fact, mirrors are actually the ideal accessory for hallways because they create the illusion of space, reflecting light making the area seem larger and brighter!

While the mirror you choose depends on the space and style of interior you have, you could choose a large feature wall mirror, a full length mirror or a collection of smaller decorative mirrors for this area of your home. 

However, we have found that a feature wall mirror is the most popular option for these spaces! A round, arched or ornate wall mirror are some of our most popular mirror designs to decorate your hallway.

Style Your Hallway Space

Styling your hallway is the last hurdle in making this space feel more ‘you’!

One rule of interior styling you should try to stick to is choosing decor of different heights, shapes and textures. Products like artwork, vases, rugs, plants and candle holders are simple decor details that can make your home feel more styled and intentional. 

For example, if you have chosen a half moon table with a round mirror above it for your hallway space, you could place a vase on the table, with some faux greenery in it, a coffee table book with a decorative bowl for keys on top of it alongside a quirky candle holder.

Furthermore, on the floor, you could place a runner and introduce an interesting lighting feature to brighten up the space. These few changes can transform your hallway into a fully decorated addition to your home, rather than an empty entryway. 

Are you now ready to decorate your hallway? Browse some of our most popular items that could help you on your styling journey!

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