As the days get shorter and darker, we all start to spend a lot more time inside our homes. When the weather is colder, we all crave a cosy space.

Make the most of your home this winter and follow our tips to help you to hunker down and get your home cosy.

Tip 1.) Use different types of lighting features

The right ambient lighting can transform a room into a warm and welcoming space!

For that cosy feeling, introduce lamps into your home. Different sized lamps placed at varying heights, with warm toned bulbs, can help create a soothing, comforting atmosphere.

How? Warm lighting feels natural and fits with humans natural circadian rhythm, helping us to feel relaxed and making it easier to fall asleep.

By placing different lamps in different places, you will disperse the warm lighting in a more realistic way, helping to trick your body into feeling more comfortable.

Tip 2.) Introduce a cosy colour palette

An easy way to instantly cosy up your interior is by introducing warmer toned colours and heavier materials.

For that classic winter look, darker jewel colours like forest green, navy blue or burgundy red are ideal for use as accent colours. A simple way to update with these tones is though home accessories, the quickest way is by swapping out your cushions, rugs, curtains or throws.

Create texture with woven finishes, faux fur or by using prints like tartan and layer these pieces to accentuate the cosy feeling. The more throws and cushions a space has, the cosier it feels.

Tip 3.) Add natural elements

One thing people miss during winter is being able to spend their spare time outside, but a quick way to make a home feel cosier is by bringing elements of nature inside.

Adding larger wooden pieces like tables, sideboards or shelving will cosy up any room. If you don’t want to invest in new furniture, jump on the wall panelling trend and add a wooden feature wall instead.

Alternatively, you can create this feeling on a smaller scale by adding items made of wicker or rattan to your home. For example, filling a wicker basket with wooden logs can instantly make a space feel cosier.

Introduce items like dried flowers or grassess as well as large houseplants for a pop of greenery. Adding plants into your space combined with the warmness of wooden elements will create a more organic, cosy feeling.

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