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How to: Top tips to create a unique gallery wall

What is a gallery wall?

A gallery wall is a collection of pictures, prints, plaques, photo frames and other wall mountable home accessories that easily update your blank walls and transform them into your own miniature art gallery!

A gallery wall is a quick and simple way to add a touch of character to your home and is a great way to imprint your own personality onto your wall space. Gallery walls work best in living rooms, in a hallway, office spaces or up the staircase; though they can be incorporated anywhere.

So, how do you make yours unique?

Read our handy tips below and create a gallery wall that really reflects your personal style.

Tip 1.) Decide on your theme

Does your home have a general theme?

Are you a lover of all things contemporary? A big fan of the vintage aesthetic? Or is farmhouse style more you?

If you have a signature interior style, your gallery wall should reflect this!

If you’re a farmhouse fan, pick items that have rustic wooden frames and feature floral prints or woodland scenes. Add a stag head or a brass horseshoe to your gallery wall for contrast. You could even create your own box framed with dried grasses or corn pieces for a unique feel. 

Alternatively, your gallery wall theme could instead focus around a specific interest of yours.

For example, music lovers might theme their gallery wall around their favourite bands, choosing an array of music posters, vinyl records and memorabilia to make their gallery wall showcase their passion.

However, some of the best gallery walls are eclectic, with a wide variety of pieces with seemingly no theme at all! This in itself is a theme, with each piece having been chosen due to its personal collection to the designer. If you love the piece, that’s your theme!

Tip 2.) Choose different sizes, shapes and textures

To make your gallery wall interesting and feel truly unique, choose products with different sizes, shapes and textures.

Why? Though some gallery walls can look great when only featuring framed prints, playing with sizes, shapes and textures creates a more interesting visual display for the eye. 

Choose a mixture of prints, wall hangings, animal heads, signs and sconces to make your gallery wall more unique. 

Tip 3.) Measure your space

Before you start hammering nails into your walls, you need to measure your space to make sure everything fits!

Now you have measured your available space, gather together your wall art pieces and lay them on the floor, place them in the order you would like to hang them, making sure they fit within the space you have measured.

Does anything look like it doesn’t fit correctly? Play around with your layout until you’ve designed a gallery wall that best displays your favourite artwork.

Tip 4.) Hang your wall decor

So, what will you need to hang your wall decor?

What you’ll need depends on the weight and size of your chosen items. However, at the very least you’ll need a measuring tape, hammer, nails and some picture hooks. If you have chosen heavier items like mirrors, we advise to use brackets and screws to wall mount these, to make sure they are safely secure.

To make sure your items end up exactly where you want them, use a pencil to lightly mark where you want them to be placed. 

Remember to measure the distance between any hooks or saw tooth hangers to make sure you don’t have to make unnecessary holes in your walls. 

Then, use a spirit level to make sure everything is straight.

Tip 5.) Stand back and admire the view

Voila! Now all of your artwork and wall decor has been wall mounted, take one last look before you put those tools away.

Do you like the composition? 

Do you think the overall gallery would look better with something adding or taking away?

Leave the room and walk back into like you were viewing your gallery wall for the first time, how does it make you feel?

Don’t forget the great thing about gallery walls is that they can be updated easily, so if you aren’t totally happy, you can always change it at any time!

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