Candle Collection

For the first time ever Melody Maison have launched a range of luxury scented candles!

Our candles have been produced in a small village in the Peak District.

Poured by prestigious candle makers with over 20 years experience in creating high quality fragranced candles with an intense lasting aroma.

There are five scents available to choose from including; Garden Party, Morning Breeze, Woodland Walk, Twilight Garden and Christmas Nights, a limited edition scent. 

Fill your home with a fragrance you’ll love!

Garden Party

Reminiscent of an English garden party at the height of summer, this striking scent has top notes of citrusy orange and fresh mint.

At the heart of this fragrance are flowery notes of rose and geranium complete with a warm musk base note.

Recollect summer evenings spent with close friends and the merriment that flowed.

Morning Breeze

Think of the tranquil freshness of early mornings and the smell of clean laundry carrying on the breeze.

With a heart note of lily, the floral freshness of this scent will recall the quiet satisfaction of mornings spent cleansing your space.

Woodland Walk

Transport yourself into an ancient English wood with this floral fragrance.

With top notes of wild violets, a heart note of rose and a warming base scent of vanilla, this rich scented candle will envelop you in memories of countryside strolls and hillside hikes.

Twilight Garden

Close your eyes and let the spicy base note of cloves and the flowery heart note of lily enchant your mind into a summers garden at twilight.

Recall memories of relaxing summer evenings spent in the garden after watching the sunset.

Christmas Nights

Provoking memories of festive evenings, this heady scent has top notes of citrusy orange, heart notes of spicy cinnamon and crisp base notes of Eucalyptus and Privet blossom.

On cold winter nights, fill your home with the warm, comforting fragrance of Christmas.

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