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How to: Clean Mirrored Furniture


A quick and easy way to create a feeling of high glamour within a space is to introduce mirrored furniture. Mirrored furniture is undeniably luxurious and is one of our customers favourite styles.

However, there is one problem with mirrored furniture you can’t get away from, how do you keep it clean?

Antique Silver Mirrored Radiator Cover

Tip 1.) Dust your furniture regularly

The quickest way to keep your mirrored furniture clean is by regularly dusting it with a microfibre cloth. Even a thin layer of dust can dim your mirrored furniture’s shine and create the feeling of an unclean space. Regularly dusting your furniture can prevent dust build up and get rid of smaller debris that can cause smaller scratches and marks.

Mirrored Wall Mounted Shelving Unit

Tip 2.) Be gentle with surfaces

One thing you must always remember about mirrored furniture is that it’s delicate and therefore can be easily damaged without the proper care. When placing items on top of mirrored surfaces, like vases or ornaments, make sure to add a coaster for your decor item to be placed on. Take care when placing objects on mirrored surfaces, place items gently and do not drag across the surface as this can leave scrapes and scratches.

Large Mirrored Dressing Table, Mirror & Stool Set – Tiffany Range

Tip 3.) Avoid spills

Though not always easy to do, avoid spilling anything on your mirrored furniture. Substances such as lotions, perfumes and alcohol based products as these can stain mirrored surfaces when spilled. However, in instances like a mirrored dressing table, this is difficult to avoid as many beauty products are alcohol based. In this case, to avoid your makeup and hair products staining your dressing table, you must immediately wipe up the spill with a damp cloth. Leaving spills, even just water, can cause a long lasting stain on your mirrored furniture.

Gold Glass/Mirrored Coffee Table

Tip 4.) Use a non-solvent based glass cleaner

When cleaning your mirrored furniture, avoid using a solvent based glass cleaner and never use a general all purpose cleaning spray. These types of cleaning solutions can dull the reflection of the mirrored surface. Instead a simple solution of white vinegar and water is suitable to clean with. Instead of spraying your glass cleaner directly onto the surface, instead spray the solution onto a microfibre cloth and then clean the surface. This cleaning solution will easily get rid of streaks, grime and smears. If you don’t want to make your own cleaning fluid, choose something specifically suited to mirror and glass surfaces.

Extra Large Mirrored Chest of Drawers – Tiffany Range

Tip 5.) Use a microfiber cloth

When cleaning your mirrored surfaces, do not use tissue paper, paper towels or kitchen roll. Using these types of products will leave fibres and residue from the material on your mirrored surface. Instead, invest in a microfibre cloth! These can be purchased very cheaply from most supermarkets and will leave your mirrored surface spotless. Choose a ‘tight-weave’ or ‘non-weave’ microfiber cloth to prevent the cloth from collecting and spreading dust over the surface when you’re cleaning. 

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