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The Art of Adding Character to Your Home with Mirrors

The Art of Adding Character to Your Home with Mirrors

At Melody Maison, we’re always the first to champion the exceptional qualities of mirrors

They have incredible power to enhance brightness and create a sense of space in your home.

Yet, what’s less touched on is that they can also add an abundance of character and charisma to your home if used cleverly. 

To make the most of these nifty household decorations, it’s time to discuss the art of styling your mirrors.

Adding Character to Your Home with Mirrors.

In this article, we’ll explore three ways to infuse a personal, artistic flair into the styling of your mirrors.

The areas we’ll be looking at include the following:

  • Experimenting with Placement
  • Playing with Reflections
  • Enhancing your Aesthetic Theme and Style

Experimenting with Placement:

Since mirrors are fragile, they require secure placement, but you shouldn’t let this restrict your creativity. 

Choose the mirror placement that echos your preferences and disposition.

If you crave order and precision, align mirrors symmetrically with your furniture and structural features for a balanced and harmonious appearance. 

For instance, consider placing a wall mirror above the centre of your mantlepiece to achieve a pleasing layout. 

Rest a tall floor or leaner mirror against a wall for a relaxed and casual environment and enjoy the laidback feel. If you’re more spontaneous and adventurous, why not choose several quirky mirrors of various shapes and sizes? Scatter and hang them across the wall, creating an eclectic and delightful mix of designs, shapes and unique touches. 

Playing with Reflections:

We all know that by placing mirrors near windows or light sources, you can amplify the brightness and make the space feel larger. 

Now it’s time to harness the amplifying effect to create a different impact.

For example, position mirrors to capture and enhance a beautiful landscape outside your window or use them to emphasise eye-catching artwork in your home.

Another technique is to place mirrors near water sources to capture the motion and shimmer of reflections. This option is a particularly great idea for planning your outdoor decoration. Place a garden mirror near a fountain, pond, or even a decorative water feature and enjoy your ever-changing display of reflections as they dance and sparkle in the light.

Enhancing your Aesthetic Theme and Style:

Choose mirrors that complement the overall theme and style of your space. Whether you prefer a vintage, modern, or eclectic aesthetic, select mirrors that align with your desired decor.

Do you gravitate towards defined art deco shapes or prefer graceful, swirling French-style frames? Find a design era that you love, and work from there!

Many of our furniture ranges embody a distinctive design that references current trends or bygone eras, so you can create a cohesive look, matching the design of your mirror with the theme of your furnishings.  

Add a playful element, such as a porthole mirror, to give life to your space. These mirrors are especially delightful in the bathroom as they play on the water’s nautical theme while still exuding glamour with their sleek chrome finish.

You could also experiment with the colour and texture of the mirror itself. For example, opt for unique smoked or coloured glass, or seek out mirrors with subtle bevelled detailing on the surface.

Get creative with your mirrors. 

By incorporating these tips, you’ll soon achieve stunning decor that exudes character and carries your personal touch – all thanks to the simple art of styling your mirrors.

If you’re looking for more ways to add unique flourishes to your space, explore our wide range of home accessories.

From vases and candles to wall art and hooks, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to spruce up your surroundings with your favourite picks. 

Additionally, check out more articles on the Melody Maison blog for tips, tricks, and insights on the latest interior design trends and exciting products destined to transform your home.

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