The right storage can make all the difference.

For those of us without country manors to frolic around in, finding the perfect storage for our homes is essential in making it a space we actually want to spend time in, rather than a cluttered hole of a home we hate.  

So how do you pick the right storage for your needs?

Luckily for you, we’re here to help. 

Sit down and strap in – we are revealing the best 7 Storage Solutions for Small Spaces!

Woven Bamboo Wall Shelf

1. Shelving

Shelving is one of the quickest and simplest ways of introducing some new storage into your home. Shelving can be used to display your favourite pieces of home decor, sentimental items such as photographs, houseplants, toiletries and anything else you can think of. The greatest aspect of shelving is that it can work in any room or with any style of decor. 

Our shelving collection is one of our bestselling categories, as you can never have too much storage!

2. Side Tables

Side Tables are a must have furniture piece, but how do you make sure you’re getting the most storage for your money?

The great thing about Side Tables is they could blend into a huge variety of styles, sizes and designs. If you prefer a side table with multiple drawers, it’s out there. Need one that’s extra slim for a narrow space? We have it. Want one that can be used for a huge selection of storage needs and rooms? We’ve got you covered! 

Our favourite and top selling side table is this Black Metal Basket Side Table. 

An incredibly versatile piece of storage, this Scandinavian designed side table can be used to store throws, cushions, toys, magazines and more!  A stylish choice for those lacking in space.

3. Mirrors 

We all need at least one mirror in our home and if you’re anything like us here at Melody Maison, you want several in every room! 

Though a mirror may not be the first home decor accessory that comes to mind when you think of storage options, don’t write them off yet.

We boast a fantastic collection of mirrors with built in shelving or hooks. These designs are particularly handy when it comes to bathrooms, bedroom or hallways.

Think of how much easier it would be to do your night time skin routine and have all the products right there on the mirror and be able to hang up your bathroom too!

That’s a reality for those who have bought our fabulous Black Wall Mirror with Shelf & Hooks – one of our most popular Mirrors!

4. Wall Options

For those who want to get the most out of their wall space, our collection of storage includes an array of wall mounted designs. We stock everything from sconces to shelves, baskets to key cupboards and more. Maximising your walls storage potential means you save that all important floor space from becoming cluttered. 

Our bestselling Wall Storage choice is this quirky Industrial Wall Mounted Basket Storage Unit. 

Its rustic, industrial inspired design and multiple storage baskets make this piece an ideal storage option for all rooms as well as a variety of decor themes. It can store everything from books, to plants, to letters to toiletries and make up!

5. Trolleys

Trolleys and bar carts have had a huge surge in popularity in recent years as people re-embrace art deco, mid-century modern style furniture and decor designs. 

Trolleys are a fantastic storage investment and incredibly versatile furniture pieces, they can be included in a huge selection of rooms and due to their wheeled design, be moved and repurposed depending on your interior needs. 

Trolleys are ideal for extra storage in compact kitchen spaces, ideal for storing plates, pans or even extra groceries or utensils.  

Trolleys could be featured in a bathroom, as opposed to a bathroom vanity, as a solution to displaying extra towels, toiletries or other bathroom inspired decor items. 

Of course, trolleys can always be used as a classic bar cart in a living room or dining room space or as a display option for vinyl records.

6. Free standing

Freestanding storage is a stylish option for those with some blank floor space and a need for an abundance of storage. Freestanding storage options like bookcases and shelving units are ideal for those wanting to get the maximum storage out of their space. Some of our most popular storage design for small spaces are our Ladder Shelving units. 

Ladder Shelving has a versatile design and can be included in modern, rustic, retro, shabby chic or industrial style interiors. 

Our top selling freestanding shelving option is this Tall Ladder Bookcase Shelf Unit! Our customers love its slim design and rustic finish.

7. Tall Boys 

What are Tall Boys? Tall Boys are chests of drawers with a slim, upright design. A Tall Boy is perfect for someone in need of plenty of storage drawers, but with only a narrow space available to place them in.

For those residing in a small flat or apartment, clothing storage is always a worry. Now you can say goodbye to relying on capsule wardrobes and keep the clothes you love for longer! 

Tall Boy chests are also an ideal solution for extra living room or kitchen storage, due to all their handy drawers!

Our most popular Tall Boy design is from the Loft Living Range. A quirky collection of wooden, driftwood style furniture with a multi-coloured painted finish.

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