how to make your home unique

How can I make my home unique and quirky? 

This is a question we see a lot!

If you want your home to reflect your personality and unique sense of style, but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve put together some handy tips and tricks to get you started!

Read on to find out more!

Collect Things Over Time

One of the easiest ways to make your home as unique as possible is by collecting items over time! 

To help you achieve that eclectic look, source items from different time periods, locations and in different styles.

For example, you could try shopping for homeware at flea markets and second hand stores as well as from high street retailers and independent designers

Picking up pieces while you’re travelling to different cities or on holiday in other countries will help your home look curated and stand out from the crowd.

Experiment With Colour, Patterns & Texture

One way to make your home unique is using colours, patterns and different textures to create a visual juxtaposition

Opting for contrasting colours in a space creates a stunning visual effect, pair this with patterned details and different textures will help you achieve a high end, eclectic feel. 

For example, when designing a room you could choose wall paint colours from the opposing ends of the colour wheel. Such as pale pink walls with green accents, these colours work well together while still being contrasting and create an interesting visual effect. 

Choose soft furnishing with different patterns, such as floral curtains, with striped cushions and a persian style rug. 

For textures, pair together items made from different materials, such as placing rustic wooden chairs at a smooth marble dining table. Choosing items made from different materials can help give your home that eclectic feel.

Add Statement Wall Decor

An easy way to make your home visually appealing and unique is through wall decor!

One of our favourite ways to do this is via a statement wall mirror!

Choose mirrors with ornate detailing, coloured glass or a quirky shape to truly make a statement. 

Colourful wall prints can make your home look eclectic, try sourcing artwork from independent artists and designers and reframing them to help achieve a unique look. 

Alternately smaller wall decor like candle sconces, lighting features and clocks can also help you gain the unique look you are aiming for. Especially a mix of smaller objects placed together as part of a gallery wall.

Ignore Micro Trends

While we love a good trend, try to avoid microtrends that champion a certain style, shape or colour, as these can date your interior as well as making it look less unique and more trend-led. 

If you want to incorporate trending pieces into your home, opt for smaller items that are easier and less expensive to swap out once the trend is over. 

For example during the 2010’s Grey interiors were a huge trend and took over the interior landscape, however this now looks dated and bland.

Invest In Furniture

The right furniture can transform how your home looks and is a long term investment. As furniture tends to be the items that dominate your space, finding unique pieces is a great way to make your home look eclectic. 

Mix and match styles, such as vintage, mid-century modern and contemporary pieces to get that curated, eclectic feel.

When styling a room, choose a different item from a different era. Such as a mid century coffee table, paired with a contemporary side table and a vintage shelving unit. This will make your home look unique, as each item is different.

Ultimately, making your home look unique is about introducing homeware, colours and styles into your home that you love and ignoring all the rules!

Trust your instincts when designing your space and don’t worry about items matching, be daring, playful and let your personality shine!

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