There are so many things French people do well; food, wine, art, fashion and of course, interiors!

One of our customers’ most common inquiries is how can they emulate the look of a French style bedroom space.

So, we’ve decided to put together a handy guide to help you design the French bedroom of your dreams, read on to find out more!

1.) The Furniture

The most important part of this French inspired makeover is the furniture

When people speak of French furniture, they are often referencing the Rococo era. Rococo style is often viewed as the high point in French furniture design and this furniture is often characterised by its use of curves, the weightless look of the design, paler finishes and intricate detailing. Frequently included in rococo design were organic motifs, such as flowers, plants and vines as well as mirrored elements to highlight the luxurious style of this furniture. 

A furniture range that truly exemplifies this style of furniture is the Pays Blanc Range, a stunning collection of elegant wooden furniture with an antiqued, white painted finish. Each piece comes with curved, cabriole inspired legs and ornate, festoon style detailing. Selected pieces, such as the Double Wardrobe and Closet include mirrored panels to accentuate the overall opulent feel of this collection. 

2.) The Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the easiest ways to update any space.

To truly emulate the style of a French bedroom, you need the right style of mirror.

For this type of interior, both large leaning mirrors and wall mounted mirrors can work well. However, the more ornate the design the better it will fit with this aesthetic as French inspired bedrooms often include heavily ornate mirrors, with a baroque inspired level of detailing.

If you choose a large leaner mirror, make it a feature of the room as well as a practical home accessory. Choose a mirror with ornate detailing around the frame and preferable a white, gilt or silver finish. For wall mirrors, again opt for ornate frames, but you could also choose a mirror with an antique finish to the glass, to get that truly vintage look.

3.) The Accessories

Home accessories can add the finishing touches that make a space really feel ‘French’.
Pick decor items with a similar feel to the furniture and mirrors you have chosen.

For example, going for wall art with fleur de lys style detailing would be perfect for this space, as well as ornate wall sconces or candle lanterns with intricate detailing.
Choosing items with a delicate, curved design to match the rococo influence would work best, as well as products with an antique or aged appearance to get that shabby chic feel.
For your bedroom to truly feel French, add in products like stone style busts or mirrored trays as well as fluted glassware like vases, this accentuates the overall elegant feel of the bedroom.

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