how to hang a mirror

Mirrors are some of our bestselling items and we often get asked how to hang a mirror safely and correctly.

We thought we would put together this handy guide, to help you hang your new mirror!

Large Ornate White Wall/Leaner Mirror 176cm x 76cm

What mirrors can be wall mounted:

Most of our mirrors can be wall mounted, with the exception of some selected Leaner mirrors, freestanding cheval mirrors and table top mirror designs.

If you are unsure if your mirror can be wall mounted, please check the listing of the mirror for details. If you are still uncertain, do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team, who are always happy to help with any enquiries you may have.

Large Round Gold Framed Wall Mirror 80cm x 80cm

Safety first:

Firstly, you need to check where you are thinking about wall mounting your mirror.

It is important that your mirror is hung on a wall of suitable load bearing capacity. If you are unsure about this, please seek further advice from a professional. 

There are a wide variety of wall fixings available, depending on the type of wall you are wall mounting your mirror to. Please check you have the correct type of fixings for your wall, if you are unsure of this, seek professional advice. 

Make sure the wall you are planning on mounting your mirror to is not situated close to any electrical wiring or pipes. 

Do not hang your mirror in areas of high heat or moisture, this can damage sealants and glues used when creating a mirror. 

Never use a chain, wire or cord to hang any mirror. Wall mounting a mirror using these means can create unintended inwards force on the hooks which can break your mirror’s frame.

Black Art Deco Wall Mirror 142cm x 47cm

Hanging your mirror:

Once you have chosen your mirror and decided where you want to mount it, you need to check which way you would like to wall mount the mirror, depending on the hooks/hangers provided.

Some mirrors can only be hung one way, such as round mirrors. However, different designs can be hung in various ways. The different ways your mirror can be wall mounted should be on the mirrors listing.

Please check this before you purchase, if you can find this information or are unsure, please reach out to our customer service team and we will advise you.

To hang your mirror, start by measuring the distance between the hooks or hangers on the back of the mirror. 

Use a spirit level to mark this distance on your wall and make sure your mirror will hang level. 

Make sure you have chosen screws that have a wide screw head.

Drill 2 holes for the wall fixings and screws, leaving around 10mm of screw protruding from the wall. Make sure the screws are drilled at a slight angle to ensure the mirror is secure.  

Hang the mirror onto the 2 screws, ensuring that the hangers are securely over the screw head and that your mirror does not move.

Silver Square Mirrors – 4 Piece Set

Care Instructions:

Do not mount your mirror in areas with a high risk of accidental impact. 

Do not strike the glass of the mirror with any hard or pointed object

Do not mount your mirror in areas of high heat or moisture.

Do not use abrasive cleaning substances to clean the mirror.

Do not use a chain, wire or cord to hang your mirror. 

Do not tamper with the frame of your mirror in any way. 

Any further questions, please contact our customer service team:

Extra Large Ornate Silver Wall/Leaner Mirror

Mirror Weights & Wall Guide

10kg or less: These mirrors are suitable for all wall types.

11-20kg: These mirrors are suitable for most wall types (However, additional fixtures may be required depending on your wall type).

21-45kg:  These mirrors are suitable for solid wall types, however additional fixtures can be purchased from your local DIY store which can enable wall mounting onto plasterboard wall types.

50kg or more: These mirrors are more suitable for floor standing use, however additional fixtures can be purchased from your local DIY store which may enable wall mounting. Please get advice from a professional when wall mounting a mirror of this size.

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