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How to: Get the ‘2014 Tumblr Girl’ aesthetic in your home


Trend predictors, influencers and style spotters alike are stating the next big trend is the resurgence of the 2014 Tumblr girl aesthetic. 

For some, this trend never really left and has been given several different names over the past few decades, Rock Star Girlfriend aesthetic in the 80’s, Grunge Girl aesthetic in the 90’s, Indie Sleaze aesthetic in the 2000’s and, of course, The Tumblr Girl aesthetic in the 2010’s. 

For many millennials, this is the trend they grew up with and this current version, slightly updated fashion wise for the 2020’s, has been welcomed with open arms. 

If you’re struggling to picture this trend in their mind, think Kate Moss in her Glastonbury era, The Arctic Monkeys AM album, Winged eyeliner & red nail combos, Effy Stonham from Skins, leopard print & leather fashions and Lana Del Ray’s Born to Die era. 

It’s moody, it’s dark and oh so cool. 

So, how do you introduce this trend into your home?

The Furniture

A few key furniture pieces can help to easily introduce this trend into your space. As this trend relies on Rock ‘n’ Roll undertones, Furniture with a black coloured design, gold or silver accents, leather or animal print finish and either ornate, gothic inspired detailing or minimalist straight lines are perfect. 

The great thing about this aesthetic is you can go maximalist or minimalist with it, as long as it’s cool and edgy you’ll nail this trend. Items like this Black Faux Crocodile Leather & Silver Console Table are ideal for adding a little animal print, this Industrial Style Retro Vinyl Record Cabinet Storage is perfect for displaying all your records and this Gold Mirrored Oval Drinks Trolley adds to the rock star vibe.

The Mirrors

Any type of interior trend needs to include mirrors. As this trend can be maximalist or minimalist, mirrors like this Large Black Distressed Ornate Mirror 158cm x 79cm can work just as well as this Large Black Arched Mirror 183cm x 80cm.

If you’re going more gothic in your interpretation of this trend, we advise mirrors with thicker, ornate frames and black  finishes or antique glass.

For those whose personal style is more contemporary, thin framed mirrors with clean lines and minimal detailing are the way to go.

The Accessories

You might be thinking ‘Where is the colour?’ in this trend?

Don’t worry, though this trend relies heavily on black, your decor can add the pop of colour you need to brighten up your space.

Dark florals like this Vintage Floral Design Wall Canvas easily blend with this aesthetic and rich jewel tones such as this Vintage Gold Goose Lamp With Teal Green Shade can stand out against darker tones and add to the eclectic feel to your home.

Artwork specific to pop culture is also a great decor choice for this trend, for example these Album cover posters from Etsy are a quick and easy way to jump on this trend.

Animal and animal print inspired accessories are another simple way to add an edgy feel to your interior. Items like this Silver Metal Wall Mounted Buffalo Skull can instantly add a rock ‘n’ roll edge to your home while products like these Black Tiger Head Drawer Knob are ideal for those wanting to give their furniture a unique feel.

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