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How to: Jump on the Whimsigoth Aesthetic trend


We’re back with another aesthetic trend for you, this time with a gothic feel – it’s the Whimsigoth Aesthetic!

You’ve probably seen the whimsigoth trend on your TikTok for your page recently, but where does it come from and what does it mean? 

We all know that the 90’s look has had the fashion world in a chokehold over the last couple years, thanks to the rise of thrifting, vintage collectors and the surge in popularity of the grunge aesthetic. 

Whimsigoth ties into this, as it first became popular during the 1990’s when grunge was at its peak as well as magical and scifi TV shows and Films taking over the mainstream. 

Shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and films like Practical Magic or The Craft being some of the biggest cultural hits from this decade. 

To Whimsigoth aesthetic takes influencers from these cultural moments, but with a modern twist. It’s the classic 90’s goth look mixed with 2000’s festival boho. 

Trend setters predicted this aesthetics’ rising popularity thanks to the millennial and gen z generation’s current interest with astrology, crystal healing, environmentalism, paganism and spirituality.

The Whimsigoth trend combines these interests into one aesthetic, hence its popularity!

But how do you jump on the trend and recreate this look?

Whimsigoth Beauty Tips

Whimsigoth makeup has a darker colour palette and a dramatic feel. Purple, navy, crimson, emerald and, of course, black are the main makeup colours you should be using to really nail this trend. Don’t shy away from cat eye eyeliner, glitter or more theatrical details like stick-on pearls and gems. Choose an eyeshadow palette like this one from Urban Decay or this one from Beauty Bay

Imagine a glittery dark purple eyeshadow with a sharp black eyeliner flick and pearl detailing around the corner edges, this eye makeup look is perfect for the whimsigoth trend!

For lips choose a dark, crimson red lipstick or a rich, pinky purple colour. A darker lip liner should be used to hit on the 90’s look, just make sure to blend this well! Both Charlotte Tilbury and Dior stock a wonderful dark red lipstick that’s as beautiful as it is long lasting. 

As this trend takes influence from the goth look, shy away from fake tan and bronzer. Keep your skin as pale as naturally possible and use a rosy blush, like this one from Nars,  instead of a bronzer. 

For hair, texture is key! Curls and waves are ideal for this trend and volume shouldn’t be avoided. For those with naturally straight hair who want to avoid heat, try braiding your hair overnight instead or use a heatless curler to get a ringlet style curl. 

Perfume should focus on a natural scent profile, scents with floral or earthy undertones are ideal for these trend, while the classic hippy favourite Patchouli is a great scent choice for this aesthetic. 

Nails should follow the dark colour pallet, but feel free to add intricate designs, like flowers, astrology icons or celestial details. You can purchase a wide variety of stick on nail art designs here from amazon.

Whimsigoth Fashion Tips

One of the easiest ways to incorporate this aesthetic into your daily life is through your fashion choices. 

Typical gothic elements like lace, velvet and silk should make up the key piece of your wardrobe. While typically boho features like crochet knits, floral prints and denim should also be included in your closet. Mix fabrics, prints and textures to really hit this trend on the head.

The fit of your clothing should also be mixed, like pairing a structured corset top with a long flowy skirt. Fashion brand Cider has a great, affordable selection of corset tops to choose from.

Layering your clothing in general is another way to get the whimsigoth vibe. For example, layering a 90’s band t-shirt over a mesh top will help you get that grungy, careful feel. Truffleshuffle have a great selection of replica 90’s t-shirts that can help you get the look.

Add an oversized denim jacket, a suede fur trimmed coat or a classic  flannel shirt for an extra 90’s touch. Joe Browns have nailed the 90’s whimsigoth trend with their Enchanting Embroidered Faux Fur Coat.

Footwear for this aesthetic can be anything from girly mary janes, to chunky platform boots, like these from dr.martens, or even cowboy boots! Remember this look is just as whimsical and it is gothic, mixing and matching will help you really hit this trends, vintage, thrown together vibe.

Check out TikToker’s @fffigs or @sophie.seddon for more on trend Whimsigoth fashion inspiration.

Whimsigoth Interior Tips

To fully immerse yourself in this trend, you must include its style elements in your home. 

Don’t worry, this is actually very simple to do with only a few small changes!

The easiest way to add a touch of gothic style to your decor is with a mirror. Opt for large, ornate designs with a black finish and a vintage feel to really jump on this trend.

Melody Maison have a wide variety of black mirrors available in a selection of designs and sizes, some of our favourite picks are this Large Arch Black Ornate Overmantle Mirror, this Black Glass Art Deco Arch Fan Wall Mirror or this Tall Black Full Length Mirror. Each of these are perfect for this trend, it just depends on the space you have. 

Wall art is another way to add a whimsical look to your home. As celestial elements are a huge part of this aesthetic, star shaped wall art is a simple way to incorporate this trend into your space. Opting for wall hangable stars like this Large Metal Wall Star or this White Rustic Metal Barn Star are easy to hang and will instantly update your wall space. 

As another strong feature of this trend is nature, wall art featuring animals or plants are another easy way to update your wall space. Choose wall art with a slightly gothic edge though, like this Set of 5 Vintage Black Framed Gallery Wall Prints , this Vintage Floral Design Wall Canvas or this Silver Metal Wall Mounted Buffalo Skull

As this trend has a thrifted feel to it, many choose to upcycle furniture and paint it to get the look they want. To help you along your DIY journey, items like drawer knobs are a quick and easy way to breathe a new lease of life into your thrifted furniture while still adding a whimsigoth element.

Our favourite’s for this aesthetic are this Gold Star Drawer Knob, this Black Bat Drawer Knob, this Gold Buffalo Skull Drawer Knob or this Black Bumble Bee Drawer Handle. However, there is a huge selection available with both animal and nature designs. Browse the full selection here

As spirituality is a large part of this aesthetic, you’ll probably be using a lot of candles in your space. Candle holders are a great way to add a quirky touch to your room and come in a wide selection of designs. Products like this Gold Star Glass Tealight Holder, this Gold Metal Palm Tree Candle Holder or this Antique Gold Snake Candle Holder are perfect for this aesthetic and are as practical as they are stylish.

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