Neutral interiors are the new grey!

While the 2010’s saw Grey as the trending interior colour, the 2020’s have welcomed neutral colours as the newest interior trend.

Warmer, comforting and easy to style, neutral tones come in a wide variety of shades and colours! So, how do you pick the right one for you? Let us explain!

What does neutral mean?

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Neutral colours are colours that are muted shades of stronger colours that have underlying hues that can change depending on the lighting they are in. For example, beige, taupe and cream are all neutral colours and can be used as base colours in your interiors space. 

Neutral colours are great for acting as a blank canvas for your decor, as stronger colours compliment these tones and stand out against them.

What are the types of neutral colours?

The term neutral encompasses a large selection of colours and there are various different types of neutrals. But which neutral is right for you? And how do you choose?

Pure Neutral Colours:

Pure neutrals are fully saturated colours that do not have an underlying colour. Neutral colours like white, brown and black are fully neutral colours. 

Warm neutral Colours:

Warm neutral colours have yellow, pink or orange, such as beige, tan and cream. To get a warm neutral colour, you’ll need to mix a pure neutral colour with a primary colour. For example to get the colour Tan, you need to mix the warm primary colour yellow with the pure neutral brown, this will make Tan.

Cool neutral Colours:

Cool neutral colours have blue, purple or green undertones, such as ivory, grey or taupe. To get a cool neutral colour you’ll also need to mix a pure neutral colour with a primary colour. For example to get the colour ivory, you need to mix the pure neutral colour white with a the cool primary colour green.

How do I style neutral colours?

As mentioned, the great thing about going neutral is that it’s basically a blank canvas for you to decorate how you please. And depending on your chosen neutral tone, pure, warm or cool, it can be styled in a huge variety of ways.


Contemporary neutral style is one of the most popular variations of this trend and covers a variety of trending interiors styles. Such as scandi, japandi and minimalist neutral interiors. The most common colours to style with a contemporary neutral look are black, beige and grey. For example, black framed metal furniture is very popular with this style, while grey accents act as a neutral colour pairing, if you are looking for a software look.


Vintage neutral interiors are timeless and elegant. Interiors styles like heritage, French and shabby chic can easily be incorporated into the neutral trend. 

The rise in popularity in wall panelling is due in part to the vintage neutral interior trend and is an easy way to add a vintage feel to your space. Materials like velvet and accent colours like pastel tones can heighten the vintage vibe. While accessories like throws, ceramic vases and bowls or ornate mirrors can accentuate the vintage feel.


Luxurious neutral interiors are one of the most popular interior styles in the neutral trend. Get inspired by art deco or traditional style space for this look. Choose a colour palette for accessories that are rich in colour like deep purples or greens, while mirrored furniture, plush fabrics like satin and metallic accents are the quickest way to get this look. Choose gold framed furniture, mirrored trays and white marble details to nail this trend.


Farmhouse style interiors are one the easiest neutral trend to accessories, as the style already lends itself to a neutral pallet. Under this neutral farmhouse style umbrella sits country, rustic and even boho style interiors. Accessories with wooden accents like mirrors and stools or materials like linen, cotton and leather. While natural colours like brown, green, yellow and blue can work well alongside your neutral palette for this look.

Now you’re ready to style your home neutral!

Which style will you choose? Comment and let us know!

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