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How To: Stay Eco-Friendly This Christmas

Christmas Wrapping

It is estimated that here in Britain we throw away over 100 million rolls of Christmas wrapping paper every year – that’s a lot of wasted trees!

In fact, almost everything we use to gift wrap during the festive period eventually ends up in a landfill. When it comes to wrapping paper, ribbons and gift tags many of the most popular designs available in supermarkets and on the high street include glitter or metallic finishes that aren’t recyclable. 

In a world where many are trying their best to save the planet and live sustainably this huge wastage seems completely unnecessary.

But, what can you do to avoid this and minimise your impact on the environment?

Environmentally Friendly: Paper

There are many ways to wrap your Christmas presents sustainably , but we believe one of the best, cheapest and most pinterestable looks is using recycled brown paper.

WHSmith have a variety of recyclable wrapping paper available, click here to take a look!

If you miss the patterns and designs of unrecyclable paper – don’t fret! You can add your own personal; touch to this wrapping paper style by investing in some quirky rubber stamps such as this Woodland Stamp Set for just £5.00 or this Snowflake Themed selection for just £4.50.

Environmentally Friendly: Ribbon & Sellotape

Now you have your wrapping paper, how can you keep them from unravelling in a sustainable way?

Unsurprisingly sellotape is not recyclable and you should be avoiding this at all costs, ditto for plastic based ribbons that are so popular this time of year.

The easiest way to seal your gift wrapping sustainably is with twine. 

You can buy a roll of Recycled Twine for just £2.35 or if your after something more colourful, this batch of Recycled Twine from Switzerland is just £4.00!

Environmentally Friendly: Gift Tags

Thankfully due to the green movement, there are a wide variety of recycled gift tags available. This gorgeous snowflake printed set are just £1.80 and are made in Britain as well as being eco-friendly. If you want more colour and shape options, eco-craft have a wide array of recycled gift tags available at excellent prices – a pack of 20 tags for as little as £1.06!
Alternatively, the most environmentally conscious way to point of which gift is whose is to just write directly on the gift! Practice your calligraphy and save the planet – what’s not to love!

Environmentally Friendly: Decoration

If you want to add some decoration to your gifts while still keeping them sustainable you have quite a few options!

This informative video teaches you how to make pretty Gift bows out of any kind of paper – a total win for the environment while still keeping your gifts looking gorgeous.

Our favourite way to decorate gifts in a sustainable way, while also paying homage to mother nature, is via decorating your gifts with festive greenery such as bits of holly, sprigs of fir or other seasonal plants to create a beautiful, rustic look set of gifts.

And voila! You have a pretty gift that sustainable, recyclable and ethically sourced!

Are you going to follow this guide for your gift wrapping this Christmas? Tag us in your pic on social media and let us see!

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