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Must-have Pieces & Seasonal Colours to Complete Your Summer Party


If you’re gearing up for a summer get-together, choosing the perfect decor to furnish the event can make all the difference – but what exactly should you be looking for? 

Truthfully, the answer varies depending on the venue, the party’s agenda and the event’s formality. However, we can assist with letting you in on the most in-demand colours, design trends and pieces to make your party an instant hit.   

Let us take the reigns and guide you through this season’s essentials and how to incorporate them into a memorable summertime gathering.

Setting the Tone: Seasonal Colours for Your Summer Party

Before delving into the essential bits and pieces of decor you need for your summer party, it’s vital to establish a colour scheme and general theme to guide the way. 

Undoubtedly, one of the most influential design trends of the summer is anything Mediterranean-inspired. This breezy and eclectic design encompasses free-flowing shapes, earthy palettes and natural materials.

The care-free, boho trend incorporates colours such as:

  • Rich tomato reds
  • Copper terracotta tones
  • Natural, earthy green hues
  • Punchy citrus colours 

What’s especially great about this trend is that you can take it either way. Lean into the vibrant, zesty colours or simmer down into soft earthy tones.

Summer Party Ideas: Must-Have Pieces

Ensure your party is a smashing success by covering these five key areas and some of these must-have pieces.

1. Get Tables Ready for Your Guests

If you’re planning to sit down and feast or put on a banquet of nibbles, your show-stopping spread deserves pride of place. Use a generous dining or coffee table to host your food, drinks or appetisers. This visual feast is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Natural Wood & Grey Coffee Table – Bergen Range

Another suggestion is to scatter small side tables carrying similar party favours throughout indoor and outdoor spaces. Doing so will encourage your guests to roam, mingle and interact with one another, boosting the overall party spirit.

Vintage Gold Mirrored Tray Table

Keeping with the seasonal theme, opt for tables that possess natural and rustic characteristics. This beautiful tray table features distressed ornate decoration reminiscent of Mediterranean wrought iron, which is very on trend right now.

2. Lay Your Best Table Decor

When it comes to organising your table, pull out all the stops by gracing your guests with special kitchen table decor. The layout doesn’t have to be formal, but small, thoughtful touches such as coasters, placemats and napkin rings can go a long way in making each guest feel cherished and attended to.  To add extra visual interest, present snacks and refreshing drinks in an eclectic mix of trinket dishes or charming display trays. Then, fill in gaps on the table with an assortment of vases and jugs filled with sweet flowers or candles to create an enchanting aura.

3. Organise Comfortable Seating Arrangements 

Next, you will need seating since you can’t stay on your feet all night. Why not make the most of your outdoor space by transforming it into a cosy oasis for your guests to relax and congregate? Soften your patio or decking by layering it with rugs and cushions, and then introduce plush sofas or inviting armchairs.

Antique Grey Ornate Garden Bench

Garden furniture, such as a trusty bench, is also ideal for a party setting because it encourages people to shuffle up, share their seating and socialise.

4. Begin Decorating

Arguably the most fun part of any party preparation is the decorating stage. Rather than turning to cheap decorations intended to last one night, consider incorporating long-lasting features, such as captivating wall art. These elements will spruce up your summer party, and you can continue displaying them year-round!

Introduce soft fairy lights or whimsical lanterns to give your space a subtle glow, especially as the night draws in. Use candles as a table centrepiece or position them around the area to create a twinkling effect indoors and outdoors.

You can also utilise pots and planters to inject life, texture and colour into your surroundings. To keep up with current trends, place the plants in warm-toned, rattan or rustic metal planters, allowing all-natural imperfections to shine through.

5. Provide Evening Entertainment

Simple ideas such as providing a cosy fire pit to gather around or supplying a self-serve bar are great for keeping guests engaged and entertained throughout the evening.

A mobile drinks trolley is an excellent idea for your summer party, as it offers complete convenience and flexibility. Glide it from room to room or indoors to outdoors with little fuss.

With their elegant aesthetic, these nifty bar carts are real crowd-pleasers. Also, you can invite your guests to serve themselves as they please. This way, you can immerse yourself in the action instead of playing bartender throughout the night.

Step Up Your Style With Melody Maison

With all these areas covered, you are all set for summer party success but feel free to branch out and integrate even more stylish pieces to set your event apart.To find extra summer home furniture, browse Melody Maison’s complete collection of trendy decor and fashionable furnishings. Plus, keep an eye on our blog for relevant trend insights and design tips.

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