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The Timeless Elegance of Classic Bedroom Furniture

6 Piece Bedroom Set – Pays Blanc Range

The bedroom is where you begin and conclude each day – so it’s worth funnelling your energy into making it a pleasant environment to unwind and recharge.

If you’re curious about creating a haven in your home, scan our guide about timeless bedroom furniture.

We’ll cover a wide range of essential bedroom decor that is guaranteed to remain elegant for years to come.

Utilising Traditional Bedroom Furniture

There is no ‘correct’ way to style your room – in fact, we encourage you to play around with different decors and designs to create your dream space.

Despite this, a few basic building blocks have remained reliable, functional, and classic.

Essential Bedroom Furniture 

Explore all of the elements needed to build a traditional bedroom aesthetic. 

Mattress, Bed Frame and Headboard:

To create a restful sleeping space, you’ll need a supportive mattress, sturdy bedframe and decorative headboard. 

Choosing natural or soft metallic tones for the frame and headboard will ensure they blend with any colour scheme, bedding design, or cushion arrangement.

Alternatively, make a bolder statement by selecting a daring black shade. It’s striking, but it will equally never go out of style.

Finally, dress your bed with sumptuous duvets, billowy cushions and other soft linens for a dreamy, cloud-like experience. 

Wardrobes, Dressers and Chests of Drawers:

Wardrobes, dressers and chests of drawers are essential for organisation and storage.

Nowadays, many homes have built-in wardrobes, yet if you have available space, we highly suggest investing in a grand, vintage-inspired wardrobe

These freestanding closets are inspired by elegant bedroom furniture of the past and allow garments to hang neatly with plenty of air circulation.

An attractive chest of drawers is another way to store folded clothes and keep your room spotless, contributing to an overall relaxing environment.

Large chests of drawers can even multitask as a desk, display surface or vanity station when combined with a dressing table mirror – allowing you to get more use out of your furniture. 

Bedside Tables or Shelves:

Ensure your items are only an arm’s length away from your bed with a convenient bedside table or occasional side table.

These tables are typically positioned on either side of the bed and feature built-in drawers to disguise any unsightly clutter. 

If you’re running out of floor space, consider installing floating shelves. A corner shelf is handy if your bed is tucked away in an alcove or an awkwardly tight area.


Most bedrooms are home to at least one mirror. They are both practical and decorative, making them a staple in many interiors. 

Invest in a large, full-length mirror that leans casually and reveals your entire reflection or use a smaller dressing table mirror for close-up inspections. 

Opt for a classic, graceful shape with minimal accents if you want your mirror to stand the test of time and complement changing decors.

Dressing Table:

While not essential, dressing tables are a fantastic way to spruce up your bedroom. 

Thanks to their soft, sophisticated appeal, they are always in vogue. The dressing tables are aesthetically pleasing and functional, especially if you wish to have a dedicated area to store your cosmetics and pamper yourself daily.

Special touches such as these can elevate your room and make it a place where you want to spend your time. 

Accent Chair:

Accent chairs are perfect for making a room more dynamic, whether you keep them purely for decorative use or as an alternative to perching on your bed.

Choose seating that complements your decor, or adorn it with cushions and throws that fit your scheme.

Mood Lighting:

Sometimes ceiling lights are too bright and harsh, making it hard to relax and wind down for the evening – this is where bedroom lamps come in.

From tall floor lamps to flickering lantern-inspired designs, dot several lights around your room and enjoy the soothing ambience. 

You could also include an array of candles in your display for a warm, organic glow.

Does Bedroom Furniture Have to Match?

There’s no rule that your bedroom furniture should match to look well put together. 

However, a complete bedroom furniture set can make the overall space appear sleek and cohesive with minimal effort. 

If you buy individual pieces of furniture, you can still create a sense of coordination by paying attention to colours and decorative elements and incorporating them throughout your scheme. 

For instance, the above items come from different collections (Pays Blanc and Sabrina), but their shared ivory hues and mirrored elements help them to blend harmoniously.

To simplify your search for similar pieces, we’ve grouped some of our traditional bedroom furniture by colour, shown in the following categories:

Take items from these collections and mix and match them to develop a timeless look. 

More From Melody Maison

Once you’ve laid the groundwork with the furniture essentials, you can fine-tune your bedroom decor by adding unique bedroom accessories, textiles, or wall art that resonates with your taste. 

Are you looking for a particular item to bring your design visions to life? Melody Maison is on hand to assist.

Contact us by emailing or calling us directly on 01302 741000.Check out our blog for extra style inspiration and the latest interior design trends.

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