We’re back with another TikTok Trend! This time, we are exploring the rise of the ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ and how you can create this look in your home, wardrobe and beauty regime. 

What is the ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ and what does it mean?

The Oxford definition of ‘Old Money’ is “wealth that has been inherited rather than earned.” As you have to be born into Old Money, this trend is really about creating the look and replicating the style of this section of society. Like many aesthetic trends, it’s aspirational.

Of course, most of us would rather spend our days sunning ourselves on the French Riviera, skiing in the swiss alps or hosting garden parties in our sprawling country manors, but for many millennials and gen z’s, this is only a pipe dream. 

Multiple recessions and the current cost of living have made owning a home a dream in itself, never mind a mansion or a yacht. Dubbed generation rent, the true lifestyle of the ‘old Money’ elite is truly out of touch for most of us, so why are these generations so obsessed with the ‘Old Money Aesthetic’?

The Economy of trends

This trend hasn’t come out of nowhere, in fact several previous trends such as the ‘Coastal Grandmother’ and  ‘Tennis Core’ are related to this trend. As well as popular TV shows such as Succession and Gossip Girl, explore the dynamic of ‘Old Money’ families and the societal expectations related to this community. 

However, it is well documented that in times of economic hardship, our visual aesthetic and buying habits change, but not necessarily in the ways you would think. 

The Lipstick Index is a theory that in times of economic recession, women will instead purchase smaller luxuries to help get that shopping dopamine hit. For example, instead of a £300 primark haul, women may instead invest in a £40 gucci lipstick.

The value of the items may be less, but the quality is higher, therefore despite a lower spend, this purchase still feels like a treat. This theory has also been cited in reference to the rise in purchases of designer handbags and watches, despite the current financial market. People still want to indulge in purchases of well crafted, designer goods, even when cutting their budgets elsewhere. 

There is also the well known Hemline Index, which theorises in times of prosperity skirts get shorter, while in times of recession they get longer. IBM consumer reports this also applies to heel height, with reports indicating that heels get lower during a recession and higher when the economy is booming. 

In short, when the economy is poor, our style becomes more conservative.

This trend reflects this and  is all about investing in well crafted, high quality pieces that are timeless and can last for years. Rather than jumping on fast, poor quality fashion, beauty and interior micro trends. 

This Trends Top Tips

So, how can you replicate the ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ in your life? Below are our top tips for recreating this look in your beauty, fashion and home life. 

‘Old Money Aesthetic’ Beauty Tips

Nothing says wealth more than health. To achieve the ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ look your beauty regime must be focused on looking healthy, above everything.

That means clear, well nourished and moisturised skin. Healthy, thick and natural coloured hair, preferably long. Subtle, dewy makeup and a high end signature scent are also vital to achieve this aesthetic. 

You must invest in quality skincare, haircare, make up and perfume to truly look ‘Old Money’.

Skin & Hair Care

Our go-to’s for skin care are La Mer and Dr. Barbara Sturm for that highly nourished, moisturised look. While Estee Lauder is a more budget friendly brand that is also incredibly effective. Hair care brands like Kerastase, Olaplex and Philip B will keep your hair healthy and give it that ‘old Money’ shine. Cycle brands and formulas to keep hair nourished and your avoid product build up. 


Choosing classic scents from reputable, luxury brands like Chanel, Prada, Dior and Hermes is the way to go when picking your signature ‘Old Money’ scent. Opt for one of their most popular, well known fragrances, rather than new releases, such as Chanel No.5 or J’adore, these scents are recognisable and classic.


To achieve a natural, dewy makeup look, invest in brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Dior and YSL. These high quality products have a cult following for a reason and their effects are rarely able to be replicated by less expensive, drugstore brands.

A good quality highlighter, foundation and blush can do wonders for accentuating your skin. Stay away from bright eye colours and opt for a more neutral pallet. Your lips can be bolder for an evening, but again, choose a natural pink or nide for daytime. 

These products will help you look put together, healthy and natural, very ‘Old Money’. 

‘Old Money Aesthetic’ Fashion Tips

Your wardrobe is one of the most important ways to achieve this look, however this aesthetic wont come cheap. Remember, you are investing in quality items that will last and with quality comes a price tag. Though you don’t have to dress in head to toe designer, in fact you avoid an abundance of recognisable logos, you should own a few key pieces that are high end.

Clothing & Accessories

Quality leatherwear such as handbags can last for decades and are investment pieces, often keeping or increasing in value even in times of economic downturn. Choose a handbag that can be worn in a variety of situations and be taken from day to night to get the most for your money.

Gucci’s Jackie bag, named after the ‘Old Money’ icon Jacqueline Onassis, is a great choice! The silhouette of this bag is timeless and is devoid of a gaudy logo, while still being identifiably designer. Available in both leather and canvas designs, to maximise its use and value, choose a leather design in a natural black, brown or white as these colours are more likely to match items in your new wardrobe. 

Knitwear is another ‘Old Money staple. Ralph Lauren has always been associated with ‘old Money’ families and is therefore a great place to source your cable knits and cardigans from. Elegant and wearable, this brand’s pieces are well crafted and are made to last. A classic V-Neck Jumper in a neutral colour can be paired with trousers or skirts and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

Burberry Trench Coats are another ‘Old Money’ must-have. This classic, reputable fashion piece is a true investment, and will never go out of style. Again, you should opt for a neutral colour to easily match other items in your wardrobe. 

Other brands to source items from are Hermes, Maxmara and Balmain. 

Jewellery & Watches

Jewellery is another investment piece that will last for years. Opt for simple yet refined items, like delicate chains, pendants, small hoops and timeless watch designs. Brands like Tiffany & Co, Cartier and Van Cleef are ‘Old Money’ brands that are instantly recognisable to those in the know. These pieces will increase in value over time and can become heirlooms due to their quality and long lasting appeal. 

A Panthère de Cartier watch will last a lifetime and has an elegant design. Many dupes of this watch are available and can easily be purchased from more mid-tier or high street brands. For example, this Fossil watch is a stylish dupe, that will give you the look without breaking the bank! 

Remember, the look you are going for with the ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ is one of class and elegance. Your wardrobe must reflect this and is the first thing people will notice. 

‘Old Money Aesthetic’ Interior Tips

When trying to achieve the ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ trend in your home, you must keep in mind the definition of ‘Old Money’. In genuine ‘Old Money’ homes most items will be inherited, antique pieces sourced from overseas, that can be hard to completely replicate on a budget. 

However, Melody Maison stock a huge selection of vintage inspired designs, both furniture and mirrors, that will instantly make your space feel ‘Old Money’. 


The Pays Blanc Range is a perfect example! Inspired by the rococo era, this collection has a delicate, curved design and comes complete with ornate festoon detailing and an antique white painted finish, including brushed gold detailing. 

For those who prefer mirrored furniture, the Tiffany Range is a striking selection of ornate, vintage inspired, silver, mirrored furniture. Pieces have been crafted for use in the bedroom, living room, hallway and dining room spaces. Perfect for those looking to add some ‘WOW’ factor, this collection is eye-catching and beautifully made. 


Mirrors are the easiest way to achieve a vintage, ‘Old Money’ look in any home. Large, Wall Mountable and Leaner Mirrors like this Large Ornate Silver Wall / Floor Mirror or this Large Ornate White Wall/Leaner Mirror can immediately add a touch of vintage elegance to a home while also making a space appear larger.

For wall hanging designs, opt for products like this Large Arch Antique Gold Ornate Overmantle Mirror for that classic, country home look while items like this Gold Shell Shaped Wall Mirror can add a more art deco inspired look to a wall space. For a more French feel choose this Large White Vintage Framed Oval Wall Mirror with it’s stunning, ornate detailing.

Home Accessories

Decorative items such as this Large Antique White Vintage Metal Candle Lantern can create that classic, French chateau feel while products like this Ornate Candle Holder with Glass can help create the antique, ‘Old Money’ vibe on a budget.

Smaller home accessories like this Set of 2 Vintage Green Ribbed Glass Bottle Vases or this Grey Round Cement Ball Finial Ornament are ideal for adding a touch of vintage inspired character to a shelf or sideboard.

While artwork and framed paintings are perfect for filling up empty walls, clocks can also help you get that classic, vintage feel. Choose designs with a timeless look, such as a skeleton design, like this Large White Skeleton Wall Clock.

Ultimately, to truly achieve the ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ you will need to spend some cash. However, in all cases, you should consider this a lifestyle investment rather than a hindrance. Consider sourcing dupes if you can, however as this look is all about quality, so investing in well crafted, sustainable items is necessary. 

Want to jump on this trend? Browse below: 

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