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How To: Decorate your interior with the colour Green


Lauded as the colour of 2023, we can all agree that the colour Green is having a bit of a moment right now in interior spaces. But why?

Once considered difficult to style and a little bit taboo to use, Green is now everywhere! From paint colours to sofas, mirrors to vases, adding Green to your home has never been easier. 

Many interior stylists have attributed this colour’s rise in popularity to the pandemic. With all of us spending more time in our homes, it makes sense that we would want to transform our spaces into a safe sanctuary away from the world.

We saw this evident in the trend of creating wellness corners in homes, for meditation, yoga or reading. Others invested in their gardens or in tending to houseplants. Many took up walking or hiking to get back to nature.

It makes sense that alongside this uptick in designing a stress free space and feeling more in tune with nature, green would become a prominent trend.

The colour green has been proved to increase feelings of comfort and calm as well enhancing performance during creative tasks. This colour has also long been associated with the feelings of security, peace, healing and growth.

Green Interior Tips

So how do you introduce Green into your interior? 

There are a variety of ways to make your home feel a little more green and you don’t need to totally overhaul your home to add this colour. We’ve put together 3 top tips for updating your home with Green.

Tip 1.) Wall Colour

One of the most striking ways to introduce Green into your space is via wall colour or wall paper. You can do this by painting or wallpapering an accent wall, all of your walls or via a mural.

The shade of Green you choose depends on your interior theme.

For instance, those with eclectic or antique inspired spaces might opt for a forest Green colour, as this shade is rich and vibrant while still feeling classic.

Mid century modern or retro interior lovers should choose an olive Green as this compliments the darker walnut look woods often featured in these spaces.

Those with farmhouse or shabby chic style spaces should opt for paler Green tones, such as sage Green or mint Green, as these colours compliment lighter interiors while still adding a pop of colour.

Tip 2.) Furniture & Mirrors

A simple and more subtle way to add Green into your space is with Furniture and Mirrors. If you want to add green to your home, try starting with a mirror! 

A mirror is an effective way to add a touch of colour to your room, without having to totally change your colour theme. 

For those with luxurious, vintage or eclectic style spaces, opt for a mirror with a green glass frame, like this Arched Green Glass Art Deco Wall Mirror 60cm x 101cm

For those with Country, Scandinavian or minimal style homes, choose a mirror with a sage green finish and a sleek frame like this Extra Large Sage Green Window Mirror 144cm x 59cm.

As for furniture, choose pieces with green accents to help introduce a hint of Green into your decor, if your unsure about the colour. 

Alternatively, you can choose lighter green shades of furniture, like this Large 3 Drawer Chest of Drawers from the Elizabeth Sage Green Range.

Furniture pieces like this will give you that fresh, green vibe without being too overpowering.

Tip 3.) Home Accessories

The easiest way to add Green into a room is through your home accessories! You only need to add a few pops of Green to start with, to help introduce it as a new colour in your room’s colour palette. Choose smaller items like cushions, photograph frames, vases and trays. 

Small glass vases like this Green Ribbed Glass Bottle – 19cm or this Green Ribbed Glass Bottle Vase are ideal for adding a touch of Green to any room. 

Smaller decorative items like this Green Ceramic Artichoke Ornament , this Antique Gold Hare Table Lamp or this Green & Red Oh La La Coir Door Mat are a little more subtle and can help you introduce this colour, if you are hesitant to fully redecorate with Green. 

Alternatively, choose plants, real or faux to quickly add pops of Green through your space.

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