The ‘Clean Girl Aesthetic’ is everywhere and has probably taken over your social media feed.

But what does it actually mean?

Though the trend originally referred to style, mainly fashion and make up looks, the trend has become an all encompassing term to describe that one girl who has her whole life together.

Her personal style is elegant, her make-up flawless, she wakes up early, goes to the gym regularly, eats healthy and has an impeccable home. 

In short, she’s the girl we all wish we were. Think Hailey Bieber, Matilda Djerf or Zendaya and their seemingly effortless style – this is the ‘Clean Girl’.

So, how does this translate into interiors?

As the aesthetic of the trend is inspired by Scandinavian design, the simplicity of modern minimalism and a neutral colour palette, you can easily jump on this trend with your interior scheme.

With a few key updates, you too can be a ‘Clean Girl’, here’s how:

1.) Let’s Get Neutral

Firstly, make sure your home has a neutral colour base. Stone, sand and off white paint colours are the best choice for wall colours. With this trend, we’re moving away from the colder Grey paint trend of the 2010’s and adding a touch of warmth to our walls instead. Think of the magnolia paint trend of the 90’s, but make it modern. 

Our go to choices for luxurious paint colours are Farrow & Ball, they offer an extensive choice of option, so you are bound to find your favourite shade!

The colours Shaded White, Slipper Satin & Bone really encapsulate this neutral trend, however the entire of their Neutrals collection could be used.

2.) A Little Bit Thinner

Minimalism is central to this trend. The simplest place to start with introducing a minimalist vibe to your decor is by choosing the right mirror. Thin framed and frameless mirrors are the way to go and are trending right now in the interior world for this reason.

Choose rectangle, round or arched designs to really nail this look and if you choose a mirror with a frame, go for Gold, Black, White or wooden finishes.

3.) Chic and practical

The ‘Clean Girl’ look is as much about luxury as it is about practicality. Your furniture choices should reflect this. Stick to the neutral colour palette of Whites, cream and browns. Black and gold can also complement this look perfectly, but only in small doses.

Natural materials like wood and stone work well with this aesthetic and can elevate your space by introducing texture. As this trend is all about simplicity and minimalism, choose statement pieces for your interior with simple lines and luxe textures. Furthermore, these types of products lend themselves to the upscale hotel vibe this aesthetic wants to emulate with interiors.

4.) Simple yet stylish

Finally, less really is more with this trend. As this aesthetic is heavily influenced by Scandinavian style, choose home accessories that would not be out of place in a Copenhagen cafe or an Oslo independent gallery.

Your decor should be interesting and play with shapes as the colour palette is muted. Often included in this trend are accessories inspired by the human body or silhouette. Include houseplants, real or faux, for a pop of colour. 

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