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Round Mirrors are totally trending right now! We stock a beautiful collection of gold, silver, copper, black, grey and white Round Mirrors that will look stunning in any room. Have a browse and find the perfect Round Mirror for your home!Read more...

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Round Mirrors

Round Mirrors are one of the biggest and most recent interior trends!

Though Round Mirrors have always been a staple in interior design, it was during the last century that they grew in popularity. Art Deco and Mid-Century interior designers often used Round Mirrors in their work as the shape was seen as futuristic, sleek and stylish.

During the latter part of the last decade Round Mirrors have had a resurgence in popularity as people begin to draw inspiration from the minimalist Scandinavian interior decor designs. As well as the current trend of Mid-Century Modern interior styles helping aid this popularity, as people want to be as authentic as possible. 

Why choose a Round Mirror?

Are you not quite ready to jump on the Round Mirror bandwagon? Let us inspire you!

So, why should you choose a Round Mirror? Round Mirrors are incredibly versatile and can be included into a variety of interior decor themes and rooms. Round Mirrors are a fabulous home accessory for a bedroom, living room, dining room or bathroom! But where do you put it?


Round Mirrors are great wall decor for bedrooms. Their circular design makes them perfect for sitting above a dressing table, vanity table or make up table. Our selection of gold and silver Round Mirrors are the most popular for this interior decor choice and we stock a beautiful selection of these style mirrors in a variety of sizes.

Living Rooms:

Living Rooms are a great place to introduce a mirror! Mirrors can instantly make a space appear larger and bring more light into a room. Round Mirrors are ideal for sitting above a fireplace or mantle piece and will become a stylish and eye catching focal point.


Every Bathroom needs mirror, how else are you going to check you’ve washed your make-up off properly before bed? We stock a fabulous variety of Round Mirrors design with bathroom use in mind, including a gorgeous selection of Round Mirrors with Shelves. Why chose a Round Mirror with a Shelf? For extra toiletries storage of course!

Dining Rooms:

Mirrors in dining room spaces aren't a necessity, but are a stylish way to dress up your walls and introduce a statement piece into a room. Our extra-large Round Mirror designs would be perfect for a dining room space and far more exciting and stylish than a photo frame or a clock.

What styles of Round Mirrors do you stock?

We stock an amazing collection of Round wall mirrors in a large array of colours, sizes and styles. Let us explain the difference, so you can make an informed choice.


The style of mirror we stock the most is the glamorous, luxurious designs of Gold, Silver, Copper and Champagne mirrors. These mirrors are perfect for bedrooms or living rooms, depending on your home decor theme. Our Glamorous Mirrors work best in art deco, luxurious or vintage inspired spaces.


Our Rustic Mirror collection contains a stylish selection of wooden mirror with a round design. Some of our stylish Rustic mirrors have a rope or chain hangings to help complete their charm while others are simple circular frames made from wood. Any of our Rustic mirrors would look amazing in a country, rustic or boho style interior space.


Industrial design relies heavily on metal and wood to highlight the stripped back, warehouse vibe Industrial interiors wish to emulate. We have a quirky collection of industrial style mirrors with sleek and distressed finishes, depending on your tastes. Many of our Industrial mirrors also come with shelving or hooks added to the design. This not only adds to the industrial feel, but is also extra storage!


Our collection of Round Mirrors includes a stylish variety of minimalist, Scandinavian inspired options. We have many slim framed designs available, perfect for a Scandinavian. Dutch or Mid-Century Modern style interior space.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

The length of time it takes to deliver your order depends on what item you have ordered, where you live and if you order is in stock or not. We make sure that all items for sale on our website have the estimated delivery time and the level of stock available visible on each item. If you are worried about your order or need your item before a particular date, please contact our customer service team and they will be happy to advise you. Melody Maison also offer free shipping on orders over £50 as well as a 200 day returns policy. There are exceptions to these rules. If you want to make sure you qualify for these fantastic offers, please read our full Delivery & Returns policy.

Are you still searching for your perfect Mirror? Have a look at our full Mirrors collection as we have a wide range of items and are sure we have something you will love.

If a mirror isn't what you really want, browse of Furniture or Home Decor collections instead.

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