Are you searching for that perfect wall clock to complete your living space? Here at Melody Maison, we boast a stunning selection of vintage, rustic, shabby chic and industrial style wall clocks that will help add the finishing touch to your décor theme! Take a look at the full selection below and find your favourite!Read More...

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Silver Mirrored Skeleton Wall Clock
Save £3.00 | RRP £52.95
Extra Large Silver Skeleton Wall Clock 80cm x 80cm
Save £33.00 | RRP £102.95
Save £8.50 | RRP £59.95
Save £6.00 | RRP £61.95
Large Black Iron Skeleton Wall Clock
Save £22.00 | RRP £93.95
Black Metal Fob Wall Clock
Save £4.00 | RRP £29.95
Save £3.00 | RRP £45.95
Save £5.00 | RRP £57.95
Save £11.50 | RRP £38.95
Save £14.00 | RRP £158.95
Save £22.00 | RRP £116.95
Extra Large Black Metal Skeleton Clock 100cm x 100cm
Save £12.50 | RRP £124.95
Save £10.00 | RRP £177.95
Extra Large Rustic Gold Skeleton Wall Clock
Save £10.00 | RRP £61.95
Save £4.00 | RRP £29.95
Save £4.00 | RRP £68.95
Save £15.00 | RRP £93.95
Save £3.00 | RRP £115.95
Save £1.00 | RRP £120.95
Save £22.00 | RRP £93.95
Save £6.00 | RRP £105.95
Save £19.00 | RRP £156.95
Save £2.00 | RRP £29.95
Save £13.00 | RRP £92.95
Save £8.50 | RRP £39.95
Save £3.00 | RRP £28.95
Save £14.00 | RRP £53.95
Save £2.00 | RRP £103.95

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Clocks are one of our most popular home accessories!

We boast a beautiful array of clocks spanning a large variety of interior styles, sizes and colours. If you are searching for a stylish clock for your bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room or hallway, browse our stunning collection and find the perfect one for your home.

What style of clocks do you stock?

Our collection includes wall clocks, table top timepieces, skeleton clocks, grandfather designs and mantel timepieces in large or small sizes and a selection of styles and materials.


Industrial style decor one of our bestselling clock designs. Skeleton clocks are our top selling types of decor and skeleton timepieces are an industrial inspired item. Industrial style is all about rawness, stripped back design and exposing how something is made or how it works. This style is defined by skeleton clocks, whose design revolves around the inner workings, such as cogs, being visible. We also stock industrial inspired pipework style designs and stopwatch style timepieces.


Vintage style often has a classic yet feminine design and focuses around a pale colour palette. Our vintage inspired items often have a shabby chic style distressed design or a sleek art deco look. These fabulous home decor items are available in wall and mantel clock designs.


We stock a stylish array of rustic designs made from wood and metal. Some of our top selling items have a rustic look, many with a natural wooden or a washed finish. Our rustic timepieces are designed for kitchen, living room and hallway use in mind.


Retro and mid-century modern inspired interiors have become a huge trend in the last decade, with people looking to past interior themes for inspiration. We adore retro style pieces and stock a stunning selection of retro furniture and home decor, including clocks. Our retro designs include quirky items with funky prints such as maps or items with additional shelving, so you get two home decor products for the price of one!


Luxury style furniture and home decor is one of our bestselling styles of items! We stock some fabulously luxurious designs, included mirrored, gold and jewelled items, perfect for adding a little luxury to any room.

What type of clocks do you stock?

Our collection spans wall hanging, table top, and mantle and grandfather designs. We stock clocks that double as photograph frames, chalkboards, shelving or even side tables! We have round, square and heart shaped items - including clocks with wings. We try to make sure we stock a design to suit all tastes, all homes and all interior themes.

Wall Hanging:

Our collection of Wall hanging clocks can be attached to the wall using the screw holes, hooks and brackets provided. We advise our customers use wall plugs for all wall decor we sell, to avoid any accidents.

Grandfather Clocks:

We stock some beautiful grandfather clocks in a rustic, vintage and shabby chic style. Grandfather designs are ideal for those who want to include a timepiece in their decor theme but would also love some extra storage. Many of the grandfather design we stock have additional shelving or cupboard space.

Mantel Clocks:

Mantel or table top timepieces are ideal for those adding finishing touches to their decor. The great thing about this style of home accessory is that you don’t need to make holes or measure your walls! Table top timepieces can be moved at a whim and are a great investment for those wanting home accessories with some versatility.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Most of our home decor and accessories collection takes between 1-3 working days to be delivered, however larger items can take between 3-12 working days to arrive. We want our customers to make an informed choice, that's why we make sure the approximate length of delivery and the levels of stock available are listed on each item for sale on our website. How long your delivery takes to arrive depends on what you ordered, if it's in stock and where you live. If you wish to confirm anything about your order, even before you’ve placed it, please contact our customer service team for more information and they will be happy to help. We also offer our customers free delivery on orders over £50 as well as a returns policy lasting 200 days. However, there are some exceptions and rules surrounding these offers. To make sure you qualify, please read our full Delivery & Returns policy.

Want to see more? If you want to find some more fabulous items to help add the finishing touch to your decor, have a browse of our Home Decor or Mirrors collection. Are you in need of some stylish new furniture? Browse our furniture ranges and get inspired.

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