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White Bedroom Furniture

White Bedroom Furniture is, without a doubt, our most popular furniture colour! White furniture in general is a classic home interior choice, due to white furniture being able to fit into a variety of rooms and interior styles. We stock a large selection of white furniture, with many pieces designed with bedroom use in mind and have a collection available to suit all preferences.

Why choose White Bedroom Furniture?

We understand that your bedroom is your own personal slice of paradise and want your space to be as relaxing as possible while also reflecting your personal style. Picking the right furniture is an important part of designing your dream living space. So why pick white? White is timeless, elegant and chic - it’s not been the most popular interior colour choice for decades without reason. White is a blank canvas which you can style as you please. This is why we stock a large range of white painted wooden furniture collections in vintage, shabby chic, rococo, French and classic styles. We try to make sure we have a furniture collection to suit all of our customers needs.

What style of White Bedroom Furniture should I choose?

Vintage Style:

Vintage style furniture is one of our best selling furniture styles. For vintage style White Bedroom Furniture we would advise our beautiful Victoria Range or Lila Range.
The Victoria Range is a beautiful collection of white painted wooden furniture. Each piece has simple carved detailing and crystal style handles. The Victoria Range is very similar to our Elise White Range, however the Victoria Range has a smooth satin finish and is slightly less ornate.
The Lila Range is a pretty collection of slim white wooden furniture. The Lila Range includes items design for bedroom, living room, bathroom and hallway use. The Lila Range has a smooth finish, carved flower and leaf detailing as well as rose style handles.

French Style:

French style furniture is ideal for lovers of decadent design and intricate detailing. Our favourite white French, rococo style collections are the Pays Blanc Range and the Rose Range.
The Pays Blanc Range is a gorgeous collection of white painted wooden furniture designed with primarily bedroom use in mind. The Pays Blanc Range is our most ornate white bedroom furniture collection. Each piece has a crackled antique style finish, delicate carved vintage detailing in a vintage floral style with light distressing.

Shabby Chic Style:

Shabby Chic style furniture is perfect for those who love the elegance of vintage furniture design but prefer an aged, rustic or country feel to their bedroom furniture.
The Elise White Range is our most popular shabby chic style furniture range. This collection includes items designed for bedroom, living room, dining room and hallway use. The Elise White Range has a lightly distressed finish, ornate carving and glamorous crystal style handles.
The Jolie Range has a classic French inspired shabby chic design. This range has a white painted distressed finish, antique pull style metal handles as well as a carved floral and leaf design. The Jolie Range includes items designed for bedroom, dining room, living room and hallway use.

Classic Style:

Classic style furniture is furniture with a timeless design. Think limited detailing, distressing and an emphasis on practical use over aesthetic choices.
The Mia Range is a simple collection of white wooden furniture with french cane detailing on the frontage of some items. The Mia Range has a washed finish with classic, carved legs and round white handles. Items in this range are designed for bedroom, hallway and living room use.

How to care for White Bedroom Furniture:

Though stylish, introducing white bedroom furniture into any space is also bring forth questions on how to care for this furniture and make sure it lasts. White in general can be a difficult colour to keep stain free and white furniture is no exception. How to care for your white bedroom furniture depends on the finish your furniture items have but there are also some general rules of care.

Care Tips & Tricks

1.) How do I stop stains?

Look, we get it, you can’t stop accidents from happening. And if we are all being totally honest, if you’ve purchase some white bedroom furniture there is a good chance you now have a white dressing table set. Unfortunately make-up is the enemy of white furniture. Your favourite foundation, mascara or lippy could be your furniture’s demise. Now, we aren’t saying you can only use your dressing table for show, we understand you bought it for a reason and want to spend your mornings getting ready somewhere gorgeous. However, we do advise all customers to keep their make-up sitting on a plastic, glass or mirrored make-up tray and keep your brushes in a case to minimise the chance of spills, stains and scratches.

2.) How do I keep it clean?

One of the easiest ways to keep white furniture clean is to wipe each furniture piece with a slightly damp cloth daily to get rid of any dust, light marks or stains. We find one of the best cleaning items to invest in, are magic eraser sponges. They are gentle enough to take away light marks and stains without removing any of the finish from the majority of white furniture ranges. The only white furniture collection we would dissuade customers from using these on is the Elise White as this has a chalky painted finish.

3.) What do I keep it away from?

There are only 2 things we severely warn against placing your furniture near - water and heat. Refrain from storing any of your furniture items near a radiator or air conditioning unit. Changes in temperature can easily damage and warp wooden furniture. Likewise, water is just as dangerous. Placing painted wooden furniture near water or in a damp space will eventually cause the paint to discolour, the wood to warp and will create a breeding ground for mould.

Browse our full collection of white bedroom furniture, including items not mentioned here and find the perfect range for your bedroom space. If you’re not sure about White Bedroom Furniture, why not have a look at our Grey Bedroom Furniture, Cream Bedroom Furniture or Mirrored Bedroom Furniture Collections?
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