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Update your home with some gorgeous Grey Bedroom Furniture! We boast a beautiful variety of furniture designs including vintage, classic and shabby chic styles. Read More...

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Grey Bedroom Furniture

Grey Bedroom Furniture is one of our most popular furniture colours! The colour grey’s popularity has skyrocketed in the interior design world during the last couple of years. Grey has become the new White, a base colour that can fit with a variety of interior themes and can be built upon to create a bespoke look reflecting your personal style.

Why choose Grey Bedroom Furniture?

If you believe White Furniture to be a little too bland and Mirrored Furniture to be a little too opulent, Grey Bedroom Furniture is a nice middle space to start designing the bedroom of your dreams. The great thing about Grey Furniture is that it’s available in so many shades and styles. What shade of Grey you choose depends on the vibe and character you want your living space to exude. So, how do you decide on what shade is right for you?

What’s the difference between Cool Greys and Warm Greys?

In colour theory a cool or warm colour is a colour we associate with either coldness or with heat. For example, blue is considered a cool colour due to its association with colder things like the sea, snow or ice. While orange is a considered a warm colour, due to its associations with fire and the sun.However, despite the fact grey is a neutral colour and is therefore not included on the colour wheel, the theory still applies. A grey is considered cold if it has more blue undertones and is considered warm if it contains more brown undertones. As a quick example, our Daventry Range has two different Grey shades available; the warm toned Daventry Taupe-Grey Range and the cool toned Daventry Dove-Grey Range.

What Grey Furniture Collections do Melody Maison Stock?

We stock a beautiful variety of Grey furniture in an array of styles and shades. Let us help you decide which to choose with this quick description guide:

The Elise Grey Range:

The Elise Grey Range is a stunning collection of vintage inspired, pale grey painted, wooden furniture, Each piece has ornate carved detailing and glamorous crystal style handles. This range is perfect for lovers of shabby chic style, French interiors or luxurious furniture. The Elise Grey Range includes several different dressing table sets, console tables, chest of drawers, bedside table designs and display cabinets.

The Daventry Taupe-Grey Range:

The Daventry Taupe-Grey Range is a top selling collection of classic, Georgian inspired wooden furniture. Each piece has a Taupe-Grey painted finish, simple grooved detailing and rounded brass handles. The Daventry Ranges are perfect for lovers of timeless, elegant furniture and uncomplicated design. The Daventry Taupe-Grey Range includes a variety of chest of drawers designs, a large double wardrobe, a small wardrobe, two different dressing table sets, a variety of console tables designs, bedside tables as well as living room furniture.

The Daventry Dove-Grey Range:

The Daventry Dove-Grey Range, has the same design and detailing as it’s sister collection the Daventry Taupe-Grey Range. However, this collection has a beautiful Dove-Grey painted finish on each piece. The Daventry Dove -Grey Range includes a large chest of drawers, a small wardrobe, dressing table set, console and bedside table design.

The Vienna Range:

The Vienna Range is an elegant collection of soft grey painted wooden furniture. Each piece has a glamorous mirrored frontage with a wooden lattice overly and rounded black handles. The Vienna Range is perfect for lovers of vintage style furniture with a modern twist. The Vienna Range includes a sideboard, a console table, a chest of drawers, a cupboard and two different bedside table designs.

The Lancaster Range:

The Lancaster Range is a fabulous collection of dark grey painted wooden furniture with an ageless design and simple detail. Each piece has a smooth finish and black vintage inspired cupped handles. The Lancaster Range is perfect for those searching for furniture that could blend into a variety of interior styles. The Lancaster Range includes a console table, a bedside, a chest of drawers and a large sideboard.

What decor do you style Grey Bedroom Furniture with?

The great thing about grey being a neutral colour is that is can be styles with an array of colours! Of course, the decor you choose depends on your personal style choices as well as the shade of grey you have chosen. However, we have found more often than not, when our customers buy Grey furniture, they tend to purchase Grey decor or Silver decor to match! Our most popular decor items that look fabulous in grey interiors are our Pair of Large Antique Silver Angel Wings, this Ornate Candle Holder with Glass and this Extra, Extra Large Ornate Antique Silver Full Length Wall/Floor Mirror. Want to see more home decor? Click here.

How do I look after Grey Bedroom Furniture?

All of the Grey Bedroom Furniture we stock is painted wooden furniture. With wooden furniture or painted furniture there are steps you should take to maintain the quality and finish of the product. We’ve grouped together some handy tips to help you avoid the occasional pitfalls that come with owning painted wooden furniture.

Tip1.) You Must Keep Away From Heat
Like any wooden furniture, Grey Bedroom Furniture must be kept away from heat, so that means no popping your new chest of drawers in front of your radiator. Why? Heat warps wooden furniture over time. Meaning eventually your drawers may not shut, your doors won’t close and the entire furniture piece may begin to twist. This is death to furniture and there is no way to repair this damage completely once caused.

Tip 2.) You Must Keep Away From Damp
Water has a similar effect to heat on wooden painted furniture. Water damage is one of the top reasons people have to throw furniture they look away! Dampness can cause wooden furniture to mold and rot away as well as the paintwork to bubble or come off completely. The smallest amount of water damage can stain your furniture causing costly restoration. To avoid this damage we advised our customers to avoid placing painted wooden furniture anywhere exposed to dampness. This includes, but is not limited to, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and directly under windows.

Tip 3.) You Must keep Your Furniture Clean
Stains and marks can quickly ruin painted furniture. We understand that stains or spills from make-up or toiletries can’t always be avoided, but when it comes to painted furniture, they must be immediately cleaned up. We advise using a slightly damp magic eraser sponge to remove any spills or stains and then to wipe dry with a microfibre cloth to avoid any scratches.

Melody Maison stock a wide and varied collection of Grey Bedroom Furniture, including bedroom furniture sets. If you are still unsure about choosing Grey for your space, view our collection of White Bedroom Furniture or our Mirrored Furniture collection and get inspired!
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