A wardrobe is almost always an essential piece of furniture for your bedroom or dressing room, for all your clothes to be neatly stored out of the way free from dust. Read more...

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Are you searching for some gorgeous new bedroom furniture? The ultimate bedroom storage piece is a well-crafted wardrobe. A fantastic piece of furniture for all bedroom spaces. We boast a beautiful selection in a variety of styles, sizes, finishes and colours. Many of our wardrobes are part of larger furniture ranges and matching items are available. Often our furniture collections include items designed for bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and hallway use.

Why do I need a wardrobe?

A bedroom furniture set is not complete without a wardrobe. They are an essential piece of bedroom furniture and are perfect for storing your clothing and keeping your bedroom space organised and tidy. Your bedroom is a private sanctuary, a little space just for you to hide away from the rest of the world. Make sure you are making the most out of your precious space and invest in some beautiful bedroom furniture that will transform this space.

What style of wardrobes do you stock?

We stock a fabulous collection of wardrobes in a variety of styles. Let us inspired you by explaining what the difference between these styles are and which furniture ranges will help you achieve this vibe.


What is Vintage style? Vintage style is period looking furniture, often completed with an ornate, feminine design. Furniture pieces often include intricate carved detailing or flower and leaf detailing. Vintage style furniture is our top selling furniture design and we stock a stunning collection of vintage inspired pieces. Our most popular vintage style furniture ranges are The Pays Blanc Range and The Lila Range.

Shabby Chic:

What is Shabby Chic style? Shabby Chic is often used to describe items that have a vintage flair. But unlike Vintage style, where items are just influenced by period design, Shabby Chic style furniture is designed to look like it came from the past, as if you just stumbled upon in it in an abandoned chateau. Our top selling Shabby Chic style furniture ranges are the Elise White Range and The Jolie Range.


What is luxury style? Luxury style furniture often revolves around metal tones, such as silver, gold or copper colours or include mirrored panelling or detailing. Often Luxury furniture pieces include lavish details like carved elements, glamorous handles or lush fabrics. Our bestselling Luxury style furniture collection is the stunning Tiffany Range.



What is Industrial style? Industrial style furniture is often made from wood, metal or even concrete. The aim of Industrial items is to recreate the look of a building site, but in a chic way! Industrial style pieces are often.

How colour wardrobes do you stock?

Our collection of wardrobes come in a wide variety of colours, including White wardrobes, Grey wardrobes, Cream wardrobes and Mirrored wardrobes as well as a selection of other colours. Let us talk you thought the colours of wardrobes available in reference to the ranges we currently stock.


White is our most popular wardrobe design and we stock a wide array of White painted wardrobes, in both single and double designs. We also stock both plain fronted and mirrored fronted items. Furniture Range that include a White Wardrobe are The Victoria Range, The Lila Range, and The Pays Blanc Range


Grey Bedroom Furniture has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, quickly becoming our second bestselling colour of wardrobe. Our Grey Wardrobes collection contains a variety of grey shades and tones. The Furniture Range we stock that include a Grey Wardrobe are The Brooklyn Range.



Regardless of the colour wardrobe our customer choose, the mirrored designs are often the most popular choices. Mirrored wardrobes are a great bedroom furniture choice as most people want to introduce a mirror into their bedroom decor anyway! Our top selling Mirrored design is from The Tiffany Range. However, our Victoria Range, Elise Cream Range and Pays Blanc Range also have mirrored designs available.

We have a variety of other furniture pieces available that don’t fit into one of the subsections above. Please view our full collection to see all available options. 

How long will it take to deliver my wardrobe?

How long it takes to deliver your order depends on several factors; what you’ve ordered, if it’s in stock and where you live in the UK. The majority of our Wardrobes take between 3-12 working days to be delivered, as they are large furniture items. We do try to deliver all orders as soon as possible. We currently offer free standard delivery on orders over £50 as well as a 200 day returns policy. However, there are exclusions to these offers and rules do apply. For instance, you will only be eligible for the 200 day returns if you have kept the original packaging and informed us of any damage within 7 days of your item being delivered. If you would like to learn more about our Free Shipping & Returns policy, you can click here.

Have you not found what you are looking for yet?

Please have a look at our full Bedroom collection to see all items available for Bedrooms. Alternatively, have a browse of our Furniture, Mirrors and Home Decor ranges as we stock a wide selection of items, with designs available to suit all interior tastes.

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