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Tiffany Range

Drawing inspiration from traditional French furniture's graceful shapes and forms, our elegant mirrored furniture is a timeless option for your bedroom and living room.

The Tiffany collection showcases an array of impressive pieces for furnishing your home. This includes grand wardrobes, exquisite dressing tables and timeless cabinets perfect for organising and showcasing your possessions.  

Fans of this glimmering design can find similar pieces, such as mirrored bedroom tables, amongst our stunning Mirrored Classique, Vienna and Venus ranges.

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These aren't just bedside tables; they're the silent heroes of the night, holding your secrets, your midnight snacks, and your dreams within their sleek, black fabric-lined drawers. With a wink of diamond-style knobs and a nudge of French-inspired curves, these tables will make your bedroom feel like it's gotten a double dose of magic. Who needs a fairy godmother when you’ve got these beauties by your side? They're not only a safe haven for your page-turner novels but also a stage for your favourite lamp to shine bright like a diamond (quite literally). The mirrored surfaces promise to make your bedtime routine twice as nice, reflecting your good taste from every angle. And let's not forget, they come in pairs because the best things in life are meant to be shared. Bid farewell to bland and embrace the enchantment with our mirrored bedside tables, where every reflection is a reminder that you're living in the lap of luxury – or at least, your bedroom is. So, go ahead, give your sleep sanctuary the twin makeover it deserves, because everyone knows that in the world of home decor, two glitzy sidekicks are better than one!
Save £214.95 | RRP £459.90
Step into a world where elegance meets functionality with our captivating Mirrored 2 Drawer Bedside Table, a true gem for your boudoir. This isn't just a table; it's a midnight rendezvous spot for your beloved novel and a chic stage for that glass of water you reach for in the moonlight. Wrapped in the luxurious embrace of black fabric-lined drawers, your keepsakes will slumber as stylishly as you do. And those diamond-style knobs aren't just for show—they're a promise to turn every opening into a revelatory experience, sparkling like stars plucked from the night sky. Don't let its dashing good looks deceive you; this table is as practical as it is handsome. It's the perfect partner for your bedside, with a whisper of intrigue and just enough flair to whisper sweet nothings to the rest of your décor. So, go ahead, make your bedroom's acquaintance with the bedside table that's as smart, witty, and sophisticated as you are.
Save £105.00 | RRP £229.95
This console table is part of our beautifully ornate Tiffany Range. Visually stunning mirrored design that epitomises French elegance. This furniture will add a vintage look to the living room or hallway and fit in with any colour scheme. With bevelled, mirrored surfaces that catch the light and create a sense of space. The console tables features one drawer storage with a crystal style knob. The body is painted in a silver with an antiqued appearance and ornate carved detailing on the front. Place in the living room or hallway and use as a glamorous telephone or display table. With even more furniture available in our Tiffany Range that will allow you to furnish your home throughout.
Save £50.00 | RRP £195.95
This Pair of Mirrored Bedside Tables from the Tiffany Range are perfect for a vintage, French themed bedroom. Beautifully designed mirrored bedroom furniture with antiqued silver wooden finish. The Tiffany Range is a gorgeous collection of furniture for the living room and bedroom. This pair of bedside tables come with 3 drawer storage and crystal style handles. Fully assembled design, these can be used in the bedroom or as elegant side tables in the living room or hallway.
Save £173.95 | RRP £443.90
This Mirrored Double Wardrobe from the Tiffany Range is a striking clothing storage choice for fans of vintage style and mirrored furniture. Made of wood and glass, this wardrobe comes with a double door design and opens up to a storage drawer and a clothing rail. It comes complete with an antique silver painted finish, ornate detailing on the top and bottom of the wardrobe and mirrored panels on the double doors. A beautiful bedroom furniture choice for those who prefer elegant, rococo style furniture. This impressive wardrobe could easily blend into modern, vintage, shabby chic or luxurious style interiors. This stunning wardrobe will add a glamorous touch to any interior. This wardrobe is part of a large furniture collection with multiple matching items available within this range.
Save £556.00 | RRP £1302.95
This Mirrored Chest of Drawers from the Tiffany Range would make a stunning furniture storage choice for lovers of luxurious furniture, glamorous bedroom design and silver home decor. Made of wood, this chest had an antique silver painted finish with bevelled mirrored glass, ornate carved detailing and crystal style handles. A fabulous storage chest for a bedroom, living room or hallway space. This stunning mirrored furniture piece could blend into modern, vintage, shabby chic or art deco inspired interiors. It would an elegant choice for those who prefer glamorous style furniture. A striking chest of drawers that could be used to storage clothing, linens or home accessories. This chest comprises of four storage drawers with a two over two design.
Save £348.00 | RRP £687.95
Ornate Mirrored 3 Drawer Dressing Table, Stool and Mirror Bedroom Furniture Set - Tiffany Range Three drawer mirrored dressing table with ornate detailing and crystal effect handles, comes with a matching stool and vanity mirror in a triple design. An elegant and stylish dressing table with 3 drawers, a gorgeous padded stool and a striking dressing dressing table vanity mirror
Save £370.00 | RRP £699.95
This Large Mirrored Sideboard from the Tiffany Range is a stunning storage choice for fans of mirrored furniture and vintage design. Made of wood, metal and glass, this sideboard has a luxurious look. It comes with an antique silver painted finish, bevelled mirrored panelling and crystal styles handles. This large sideboard has 4 cupboard doors for maximum storage. Great for storing linens, towels, glassware, flatware or other home decor items. Perfect for placing in a hallway, living room, dining room or bedroom space. Part of the Tiffany Range, there are a wide variety of matching items available.
Save £640.00 | RRP £1019.95
This Bedroom Furniture Set, Mirrored Double Wardrobe, Chest of Drawers and Pair of Bedside Chests from the Tiffany Range would make a stylish bedroom furniture set for lovers of french, rococo design and silver decor. Made with a wooden frame, this collection has an antique silver painted finish, with bevelled mirrored panelling, ornate carving and crystal style handles. This set would make a stunning addition to any bedroom space, ideal for those who love vintage design and luxurious style furniture. Ideal for those wanting to add a touch of glamour to any home. A lovely furniture set for those who prefer french chic style and mirrored interiors.
Save £622.75 | RRP £1922.70
Mirrored Dressing Table - Tiffany Range This beautiful ornate mirrored dressing table or console table would look the part in any room scheme giving your room the Venetian or Parisian look The table has 3 drawers with stunning glass handles, and curved glass and silver legs
Save £200.00 | RRP £389.95
This Mirrored 3 Drawer Bedside Table from the Tiffany Range is a stunning piece of mirrored furniture, perfect for a bedroom, dressing room or living room space. Crafted from wood, glass and metal, this stunning side table has a ornate, French inspired design. It comes with an antique silver painted finish, bevelled mirrored panels and ornate carved detailing. The drawers are completed with crystal style handles. This luxurious bedside table comes with 3 storage drawers, ideal for storing items of clothing or products your want to keep close to your side, like books, hand cream or other night time items. Part of a larger furniture collection, this bedside table comes fully assembled and ready for use. Create the perfect look for your bedroom.
Save £76.00 | RRP £221.95
This Large Mirrored Dressing Table, Mirror & Stool Set is the perfect vanity set for the vintage, French inspired bedroom. Beautifully designed with ornate carved features and mirrored panelling, the set includes vanity mirror and cushioned stool. This stunning dressing table comes with 5 drawer storage, perfect for storing trinkets, makeup and other toiletries. The set comes with a tri-fold mirror and soft cushioned stool. The Tiffany Range is an exquisite collection of mirrored furniture. Vintage, shabby chic elegance in a distinctly French design.
Save £252.90 | RRP £652.85
This stunning dressing table stool is part of our Tiffany Range, a silver bevelled mirrored collection of furniture. With soft cushioned seat and mirrored legs, this elegant stool would look amazing in a bedroom, dressing room or living room. Seating and comfy style that is fit for a Princess! Ensure that you're rested and relaxed whilst you get ready or use as the prettiest extra seating that will look perfectly at home in your bedroom, living room or hallway. Soft grey cushioned seat upon an ornately carved wooden base in a silver painted finish and finished off with mirrored bevelled panelling on the legs. Put this together with our Tiffany dressing table and mirror and you have the perfect space for getting ready. With even more furniture available in this beautiful range for you to furnish your home from top to bottom.
Save £28.00 | RRP £117.95
This Mirrored Dressing Table and Stool from the Tiffany Range. A beautiful mirrored furniture storage piece for a bedroom or dressing room space. Perfect for lovers of luxury, French, art deco, vintage or shabby chic style interiors. Part of a larger furniture set and a bedroom furniture set. The mirrored surfaces on the table highlight the antiqued silver painted woodwork beautifully. Featuring 3 drawer storage with crystal style handles that complement the look and help to add a vintage look. Finishing this set is the comfortably cushioned stool. Grey velvet padded seating with studded detailing and mirrored panelling on the legs. Both components come with ornate carved detailing that complements the appearance of this range. We have more furniture available in the Tiffany Range that will allow you to furnish your bedroom to perfection, with table top mirror, chest of drawers and large double wardrobe. With even more so you can carry this look throughout.
Save £308.95 | RRP £558.90
This dressing table and table top vanity mirror are part of our ornate French style Tiffany Range. Each piece has bevelled mirrored panelling, a painted silver finish and glamorous crystal handles. This set will be perfect for adding an elegant, vintage French style look to a bedroom or dressing room. In a mirrored design, with bevelling, to create a visually stunning effect. This set will fit in quite easily with most colour schemes. The dressing table comes with 3 drawer storage, the mirrored panelling highlights the antiqued silver paintwork beautifully. The vanity mirror, in a triple design sits comfortably on top of the table allowing you to get ready in elegant style. With even more furniture available in our wonderful Tiffany Range. You can fully furnish your home from top to bottom with furniture for your bedroom, living room and hallway.
Save £130.95 | RRP £380.90
This stunning mirror is part of our Tiffany Range. Elegant and glamorous, this is the perfect vanity mirror for your bedroom in a triple design that also forms part of our Tiffany Range dressing table set. Silver frame with with 3 panels, so you can get all your best angles. The ornate detailing on the top of the mirror complements this range beautifully. All the grace and elegance of vintage French furniture, this dressing table vanity mirror is the perfect companion to our Tiffany dressing table set. This mirror can be used on it's own or as part of our Tiffany Range dressing table set. We have more furniture in this range that will furnish your bedroom and living room in ornate French elegance and style.
Save £16.00 | RRP £90.95
Introducing the stunning, vintage-style Tiffany range of bedroom furniture. We know you'll love the luxurious and glamorous silver mirrored chest of drawers and a pair of bedside tables - perfect for bedrooms, dressing rooms or even living rooms. This elegant set is sure to give your home that added touch of style. This unique furniture set has been given a silver painted finish with bevelled mirrored panelling and exquisite crystal handles. The ornate detailing really captures the shabby chic, French, vintage look that will make any room in your home stand out from the crowd. Classy and chic - no one could deny it! Whether it's a statement wall feature or an accent piece for added luxury and glamour, you can trust this gorgeous furniture set to deliver every time. Why not treat yourself to something special?
Save £577.90 | RRP £1147.85
This Large Mirrored Dressing Table from the Tiffany Range is a stunning storage choice for any bedroom, hallway, dressing room or living room space. Made of wood and glass, this console table has a vintage inspired, art deco style design. It comes with a champagne silver finish, mirrored paneling, ornate detailing and crystal handles. Ideal for use as a dressing table in a bedroom or dressing room, as a console table in a hallway or as a storage sideboard in a living room. Due to its luxurious design and glamorous finish, this could blend into modern, vintage or mid century inspired spaces. This stunning dressing table is part of a larger furniture collection and there are a variety of matching items available.
Save £146.00 | RRP £445.95
Silver Mirrored Bedroom Furniture, Chest of Drawers, Dressing Table Set & Bedside Tables Vintage French silver mirrored bedroom furniture for a classically elegant and stylish look. Matching furniture available. Featuring bevelled mirror panels throughout, Silver Mirrored Bedroom Furniture, Chest of Drawers, Dressing Table Set & Bedside Tables in the Tiffany Range offers ample storage in glam, luxury style. The chest of drawers and dressing table both come with 3 drawer storage. The set also features a luxurious velvet upholstered stool and tabletop vanity mirror and finished with a pair of 2 drawer bedside tables. The overall look is finished with ornate carving and crystal style handles.
Save £866.75 | RRP £1746.70
This Large Mirrored Storage TV Cabinet from the Tiffany Range is a striking piece of storage furniture, perfect for lover of vintage style and luxurious, mirrors furniture design. Made of wood and glass, this cabinet features 3 storage drawers and an antique silver finish. It comes complete with mirrored paneling and crystal style handles. Ideal for use as a storage TV cabinet, chest, or low console table. A stunning furniture choice for fans of glamorous interiors and mirrored finishes. Due to its ornate look and silver design, this TV Cabinet is best suited to vintage, French or shabby chic style spaces. This could be placed in a living room, hallway or bedroom space. There are a huge variety of matching items available within this range.
Save £141.00 | RRP £520.95

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Enrich your living space with elegant, mirrored furniture from the Tiffany Range.

The sleek reflective surfaces of our Tiffany furniture allow it to blend seamlessly with any colour scheme while also introducing a shimmering touch to each room.  Admire how they catch the light, creating the illusion of a more expansive and brighter space.

Transform your bedroom into a timeless, sumptuous sanctuary. 

The Tiffany range boasts an impressive array of bedroom furniture items. From lavish wardrobes to sophisticated bedside tables, you can find all the necessary elements to build up your dream abode. 

Stylistically, these pieces take inspiration from classic French design. Look closely, and you will recognise the iconic motifs, such as gentle curves, bowed legs and swirling intricate flourishes. We have created one-of-a-kind furniture by merging historical excellence with a modern mirrored design.

Use mirrored furniture to bring radiance to each corner of your home.

Whether you’re pursuing an elegant TV cabinet for your living room or a slim console table for your hallway, the Tiffany collection has you covered. Place near a source of lighting to make the reflective surfaces twinkle and glow.

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