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It’s time to get your home organised. Here at Melody Maison we have a huge selection of vintage, rustic, shabby chic, retro and ornate French inspired shelving, display cabinet and storage units that will help you create the interior of your dreams. View our full collection and find the perfect piece of storage for you.Read More...

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Black Reeded Glass Wall Cabinet
Save £2.00 | RRP £54.95
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White Reeded Glass Wall Cabinet
Bedroom Set, Pair of Mirrored 2 Drawer Bedside Tables - Tiffany Range
Save £206.95 | RRP £449.90
Mirrored 2 Drawer Bedside Lamp Table - Tiffany Range
Save £96.00 | RRP £224.95
Save £4.00 | RRP £35.95
Save £24.50 | RRP £69.95
Save £11.00 | RRP £108.95
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Save £46.00 | RRP £185.95
Save £26.00 | RRP £125.95
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Save £109.00 | RRP £248.95
Save £5.55 | RRP £27.50
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Shelves, Display & Storage

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get your home organised is by introducing more shelving, display and storage products into your interior space. We boast a stylish collection of shelves, shelving units, display units and other wall storage items in a selection of styles, sizes and materials. We also stock a variety of sideboards, dresses, clothing storage and other large storage furniture items. We supply storage solutions for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms! Browse of fantastic array of shelving and storage options and find the perfect piece for your home.

What types of wall shelving and storage do you stock?

Open Shelves:

What are open shelves? Open shelves are exactly what they sound like! Open shelving is single shelves, shelving units, sideboards or wall units without any doors covering up what the shelves are storing. Open shelves are ideal for those who wish to display home decor items or books. Open shelves are also perfect for places that need some wall storage but also for items that need to be easy to reach. For example, in a bathroom! Open shelving is one of our most popular choices for bathrooms as they great for storing those all-important toiletries.

Wall Cabinets:

What is a Wall Cabinet? A Wall Cabinet is wall storing that does have doors. These cabinet doors can be solid, have glass inserts or mirrored panels. Wall Cabinets, particularly mirrored wall cabinets, are incredibly with our customers for bathroom use. These Wall Cabinets are ideal for hiding away your medications or toiletries away from nosey guests!

Dressers & Sideboards:

What are Dressers & Sideboards? Dressers & Sideboards are furniture pieces that have some of the best storage capabilities and the widest uses. Dressers and sideboards look fabulous in a dining room, living room, hallway, and kitchen or bedroom space. Our customers have included our stunning dressers & sideboards in a large variety of interior themes.

Glass Display Units:

What are Glass Display Cabinets? Glass Display Cabinets are fantastic storage for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens or bathrooms. We stock a variety of Glass Display Units in a selection of sizes, colours, styles and finishes. Glass Display Units are perfect for displaying items while still keeping them protected.  

Free Standing Shelves:

What are Freestanding Shelves? Freestanding shelving are storage units such as display cabinets, bookcases or other shelving units that do not require fixing to a wall. These units are perfect for those of us who often move our furniture around, as there will be no unsightly holes to deal with. Free Standing shelving is also ideal storage for people who collect books, vinyl record or plants as freestanding shelving is excellent for display purposes.

Clothing Storage:

What is Clothing Storage? We stock a fantastic selection of clothing storage, particular wardrobes... Our wardrobes include large, small, single or double designs. Many of our furniture ranges include a wardrobe, so our customers can purchase a full matching bedroom set if they prefer. Our wardrobe collection includes some of our bestselling furniture pieces.

What styles of wall shelving and storage do you stock?

Our Shelves, Display and Storage collection spans a large array of interior styles and themes. Our collection includes Vintage, Shabby Chic, Rustic, Industrial, Scandinavian, Retro and Luxurious design. Many of our Shelves, Display and Storage pieces are part of larger furniture ranges and they are matching or similar items available.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

How long it takes for your items to be delivered varies depending on the items you’ve ordered, where you live and if the products are in stock. On each of our online items we have added an approximate length of delivery as well as the stock available of each item. This is to make sure our customers make an informed choice about what they are ordering. Most of the items within out shelves, display and storage category has an estimated delivery slot of 1-3 working days. However, there are some items and some area code which mean delivery could take between 1-12 days. If you have any questions about your order, please contact our customer service team via phone, email or live chat and they will be happy to answer any of your questions. We currently offer free standard delivery on orders over £50 as well as a 200 day returns policy. However, there are certain exclusions. For instance, if you have not kept the original packaging you will not be eligible for the 200 day return policy. click here for more on delivery & returns.

Have you not found what you are looking for yet? Don’t worry - we have a huge assortment of items for you to choose from!

Have a particular room in mind? Browse our Furniture collection to find the perfect piece, organised by colour and room! Looking for a new Mirror for your living space? Our collection of Mirrors includes every size, colour or shape of Mirror you could ever need. Want to add the finishing touch to your home with some new accessories? Have a look at our Home Decor category, filled to the brim with gorgeous goodies to suit all tastes.

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