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Silver, metal and copper wall mounted stag heads and stag inspired ornaments perfect for living room display or bedrooms.Read More...

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Silver Metal Stags Head
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Whether your looking for wall art, candle holders or stag related gifts. Our stag heads are proving very popular in 2018 so far with the large stag heads being used in many homes, hotels and bars
Complete your home style with our selection of stag inspired decor
Browse different stylea nd colours - including copper, wood, and metal stag heads! Choose from lots of wall mounted stag inspired decor for a bedroom to resting ornaments perfect for the living room

We also offer a selection of different colours such as black, silver, copper and gold inspired stag decor.
You may love the idea of having a replica stags head in your home but have nowhere to place it. Well why not place over fireplace paired with a strong wall colour - such as a dark green or red, or why not combine a selection of different sizes and a selection of wall art all into one amazing gallery wall

However, if your home has more of a simple, modern style, try placing a beautiful silver or bronzed style wall mounted stag on a plain white wall for a chic crisp finish!
We'd love to know how you choose to style your decor- and who knows.. they may even get featured on our Instagram!
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