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We understand that weddings can be a stressful time for the couple-to-be and want to help our customers create their dream wedding décor theme without breaking the bank. Read More...

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Wedding Decor

It’s happened, they asked! You're getting married! Well, now comes the hard are you going to decorate? Wedding planning can be one of the most stressful times of your life. There are so many little details to think about, a budget you must stick to, family members to keep happy - it’s just too much! Let us help you take away some of the stress! We boast a beautiful collection of wedding decor in a variety of distinct styles and themes including lanterns, table centerpieces, trays, wall decor, candelabras and more!

Styles of Wedding Decor:

Though every wedding has its own unique look and every bride adds her own stamp of personality to a venue, we do try to stock items that can blend in perfectly with the top trending wedding looks of the current year. This year's most popular wedding themes were Vintage, Rustic and Luxe!


A vintage style wedding theme is the most popular wedding decor choice for a reason. Elegant, classy and incredibly feminine - vintage weddings are timeless. But what happens if your budget won’t cover a sprawling country home setting? You make the most of the decor! Fool your guests into thinking they are entering a Victorian novel with our selection of ornate candle holders, wall sconces, wedding table centerpieces and more. Some of our favourite vintage inspired pieces are this beautiful cream candelabra, this ornate grey candle holder and this beautiful white wall sconce.


Rustic style weddings have catapulted into popularity over the last few years, thanks to sites like pinterest or instagram inspiring people to think outside of the box and get crafty with their weddings look! Rustic wedding decor is one of the easiest looks to emulate on a budget and look just a magical as traditionally themed weddings. Think plenty of fairy lights, mason jars, wooden wall hearts and an outdoor marquee to really nail this look.


Luxe weddings are ideal for lovers of anything glamorous! Think glass centerpieces, gold detailing, sparkle everywhere and plenty of flowers! Luxe weddings are incredibly chic and can be easily achieved by choosing key pieces of understated yet elegant decor. Some of our favourite luxe wedding choices are our mirrored trays or gold tealight holders!

How do I make my own centerpiece?

If you don’t have a definitive theme yet and are planning your wedding on a budget, making your own centerpieces are a stylish way to save money!
We are going to talk you through making you own beautiful, yet simple, table centerpiece!

Step 1.) Pick one of our trays, like this Decorative Square Glass Display Tray, for your centerpieces base.

Step 2.) Choose a pretty lantern with glass sides, such as this Antique White Vintage Metal Candle Lantern.

Step 3.) Get your hands on some Baby’s Breath - a wedding flower staple.

Step 4.) Pick out your favourite shade of micro LED Fairy Lights - make sure they are battery powered!

Step 5.) Place the battery pack of the fairy lights at the bottom of the lantern, so it can be easily covered. Carefully fill the lantern with the Baby’s breath flowers, stopping occasionally to wrap the Micro LED Fairy Lights through the flowers, adjusting where appropriate. Place the now lit up, flower filled lantern onto your glass display tray.

Step 6.) Voila! You are now the proud owner of a gorgeous centerpiece that can blend into a variety of wedding decor themes!

How do I pick my wedding decor style?

What theme you choose is dependant on your personal style and of course the type of budget you have at your disposal. The best way to choose which theme you should decide on is to create a pinterest page and over the course of a month, fill it with all the wedding ideas you love. Once that months over, have a look through all of your pins, which style shows up most often? What colours are you subconsciously drawn to? What venues have you saved the most? These styles are what you really want your wedding to look like!
So you know what you what? It time to do your research! Many companies, Melody Maison included, give discounts for wedding decor shoppers. Decor items you will have to buy multiples of like mirrored trays, candelabras or fairy lights will come with a bulk buy discount Youtube hosts hundreds of handy tutorials about DIY wedding decor, invitations and flower arrangements, so you can recreate those Pinterest inspired designs on a limited budget!

However, if you’re struggling to plan and source all of the items on your own, invest in a wedding planner! Wedding planners know the ins and outs of the industry, have their own contacts and supplies as well as a few DIY ticks up their sleeve! There are countless options available to help you design the wedding of your dreams.

Browse our full collection of wedding decor and find the perfect piece for your dream wedding!

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