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The Venus Range is a stunning collection of art deco style, gold mirrored furniture.

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This Gold Framed Mirrored Bedside / Occasional Table from the Venus Range is would make a stunning storage side table or bedside for any bedroom, living room or hallway space. Perfect for lovers of mirrored furniture, gold decor or luxury interiors. Part of a larger bedroom furniture set. Matching items are available. The Venus Range offers a glam and luxurious look with mirrored panelling. Perfect for modern, contemporary and vintage home decors. This table can be used in the bedroom as a bedside table or equally at home in the living room or hallway as a side, occasional table. Featuring 2 drawer storage, the Venus Range gives a stunning look and will suit many interior decor styles.
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Save £65.00 | RRP £214.95
This Pair of Gold Mirrored Bedside / Occasional Tables from the Venus Range are the perfect choice for the vintage, elegant bedroom or living decor. The perfect look for the elegant, glam and luxe living styled interior. This table can be used as a chic & stylish bedside table in the bedroom or side table in the living room. Fully assembled and featuring 2 drawer storage, the drawers come with metal runners for smooth opening and closing,
Save £119.95 | RRP £429.90

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What is the Venus Range?


The Venus Range is a brand new collection of luxurious gold mirrored furniture.

The Venus Range has a simple yet stylish art deco inspired design. In this collection each piece comprises of stunning mirrored panelling, a glamorous gold metal frame and matching gold handles.

The Venus Range includes items that have been designed with bedroom, living room, dining room and hallway use in mind.

This gold mirrored furniture collection consists of a console table, a large chest of drawers and a bedside table design. This is a stylish choice for those searching for beautiful mirrored bedroom furniture.



Why choose mirrored furniture?



Mirrored furniture is one of the easiest ways to create a sense of luxury in a space. Mirrored furniture, like all mirrored surfaces, reflects light and helps a room appear larger. The larger the space, the more luxurious it seems!


Think light coloured walls, floors and ceilings to help nail this look. A pale colour palette helps the light bounce around and can create an almost ethereal feel. Introducing a gold mirrored furniture collection, like the Venus Range, will ooze glamour and sophistication while still keeping the space elegant.



Why go for gold?


Gold is the metal tone of the moment. For a long time the interior world used gold sparingly, deeming the colour too opulent for the day to day. However, in recent years gold has made a huge comeback thanks to interior designers getting bolder with their colour and design choices.


Gold will forever be a signifier of luxury and wealth, which is part of the appeal - introduce gold mirrored furniture into a dressing room for a taste of old school Hollywood glam or into an entryway to amp up the wow factor for your guests.






How do you care for mirrored furniture?


One of the few drawbacks to owning mirrored furniture is that, like any mirrored surface, dust and fingerprints are easy to spot and hard to avoid. Another drawback is that anything mirrored is easier to crack or chip than regular wooden furniture.

Now, the simplest option would be to never allow anyone to touch your furniture at all, but lets be honest; life happens and we can’t all have perfect show-home like houses!


We want to help you avoid the issues that come with owning beautiful mirrored furniture.



Tips & Tricks:


1.) What do you use to clean mirrored furniture?

You should always use a non-solvent based glass cleaner when cleaning mirrored furniture and only use microfibre cloths. Why? A general cleaning spray can dull a mirrored appearance and cause your furniture to lose sparkle and shine.


A microfibre cloth is needed because mirrored furniture is easy to scratch as well as a microfibre cloth is less likely to leave streaks and lint residue. Always spray your glass cleaner onto the cloth as opposed to the furniture item, this helps avoid streaks and marks.


2.) How do you avoid scratches, chips or cracks?


Obviously, there is no way to guarantee that your furniture won’t ever get damaged, but there are ways you can avoid known risks.


If you can, try to not introduce your mirrored furniture into a high traffic part of your home.

For example, if you have children or pets running in and out of your living room a mirrored coffee table would probably not be the ideal room furniture choice. However, if your room is your sanctuary with no family members allowed inside, a mirrored dressing table may be the pick for you!

When attaching or cleaning things like handles or knobs, be very careful, as heavy handedness with these items is the highest cause of cracked mirrored furniture. Avoid placing items on top of your mirrored furniture pieces without placing something underneath them, dragging decor items across mirrored furniture is the easiest way to permanently damage them.


3.) Can mirrored furniture stain?



Yes it can. Any spills on mirrored furniture must be immediately cleaned up, even water can stain mirrored furniture if left for too long! Try to keep away any alcohol based liquids, hair dye, perfume or make up as far away from mirrored furniture as you can.

And if these items do spill? Clean it up straight away or suffer the consequences - a ruined mirrored surface!




Why the Venus Range?



Out of all gold mirrored furniture available, why choose the Venus Range?

Thanks to its simple design, the Venus Range can fit into a variety of interior styles - this range would look just as fabulous in a vintage inspired home as it would in a contemporary one. The versatility of this furniture collection is what makes it such an excellent investment!

As well as it’s stylish design and excellent price, this furniture collection is timeless, stunning and will always be chic!

Do you like the Venus Range but it’s not quite what you were looking for?

Try its sister gold mirrored furniture collection, the Cleopatra Range, a similar furniture range with antique style class panelling.

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