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Update your walls with a beautiful skeleton clock. Skeleton clocks are our most popular clock design and we boast a fabulous selection with a distinctly vintage, shabby chic, industrial and rustic style. Read More...

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Skeleton Clocks

What are Skeleton Clocks?

Skeleton Clocks are any clock that has the inner workings of the clock mechanism on display. The usual clock designs cover up these mechanical parts, such as gears, cogs or springs, but the point of a skeleton clock is to display this and make the inner workings part of the appeal. Black, gold, silver or copper – we have the skeleton clock for you. Let us inspire you to choose a Skeleton Clock for your home!

Why choose a Skeleton Clock?

Everybody loves a good statement clock. Large clocks are an easy wall to freshen up a space, fill up an empty wall space and create a focal point in a room. We boast a stylish collection of Skeleton Clocks in a vintage, rustic, industrial, luxurious and modern design.

Skeleton Clocks are perfect wall decor for a living room, kitchen, hallway or bedroom space and will add a quirky touch to any decor theme. Skeleton Clocks are particularly ideal for those who prefer the Industrial, rustic, vintage or retro interior styles - due to their design being heavily influenced by these looks.

What styles of Skeleton Clocks do you stock?

We boast a stylish collection of Skeleton Clocks in a vintage, rustic, industrial, luxurious and modern design.

Our Skeleton Clock collection comes in a range of sizes - we stock small Skeleton Clocks right up to Oversized Skeleton Clocks. Our Oversized Skeleton Clocks are by far the most popular out of our range, the Large Black Iron Skeleton Wall Clock and the Extra Large Silver Skeleton Wall Clock are some of our websites overall online best selling items!

How do I hang my Skeleton Clock?

The majority of our clock collection can be wall mounted by a single hook on the back of the clock, however some clocks come with multiple holes for wall hanging. We advise fitting a nail plug into the wall before adding your nail, to make sure nail is secure and can hold the weight of the clock. If possible, avoid hanging any wall decor above any glass or mirrored furniture . As a general piece of advice we would especially avoid placing any form of wall decor near expensive or sentimental items, just in case!

What rooms do Skeleton Clocks work best in?

We believe a skeleton clock can and will look amazing in any space, however there are rooms our customers seem to love placing them! Kitchen are a fantastic place to introduce this statement home decor item and one of the most practical spots too! Think, how many times have you lost track of time while cooking away? Save yourself the trouble of constantly checking your phone and invest in a clock!

Often, dining room walls end up blank or with a few odd photograph frames dotted throughout We understand, often it's hard to find decor that will help fill up wall space while not overpowering the room. This is what oversized clocks are made for, turn that empty space into a statement!

Living rooms are an ideal space to introduce a wall clock into. Living rooms are the most popular place our customers include clocks. Why? Your living room is one of the most seen spaces in your home, it’s where your family and friends congregate when they visit and often people are aiming for a cosy atmosphere in this space. Adding any clock or wall decor to this room will help create a warm and cosy feeling.

How long will it take for my Skeleton Clock to be delivered?

How long it takes for your order to get to you depends on several factors; where you live, what you ordered and if the item is in stock. The majority of our Skeleton Clocks will arrive within 1-3 working days of you placing your order. We always try to get our customers their orders as soon as possible! We offer a free standard delivery on orders over £50 as well as a 200 day returns policy. There are some exceptions to these offers, for instance you must have kept the original packaging and any damage must be reported within 7 days of delivery. If you want to make sure you qualify for these offers, please read our full Delivery & Returns policy.

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