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Want to update your Fireplace space with some new Fireside and Mantel Accessories? We stock a stunning variety of home decor that will instantly transform your home. Read More...

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Large Round Gold Framed Wall Mirror 80cm x 80cm
Save £25.00 | RRP £93.95
Large Round Antique Gold Mirror 92cm x 92cm
Save £29.00 | RRP £183.95
Round Wall Mirror with Shelf
Save £11.00 | RRP £64.95
Save £16.00 | RRP £52.95
Extra Large Round Gold Wall Mirror 120cm x 120cm
Save £22.00 | RRP £171.95
Large Round Vintage White Wall Mirror 80cm x 80cm
Rustic Industrial Round Mirror with Shelf 60cm x 60cm
Save £2.00 | RRP £54.95
Save £14.00 | RRP £73.95
Save £5.00 | RRP £89.95
Save £15.00 | RRP £64.95
Save £25.00 | RRP £91.95
Save £8.00 | RRP £52.95
Save £39.00 | RRP £167.95
Save £2.00 | RRP £31.95
Save £16.00 | RRP £150.95
Save £3.00 | RRP £61.95
Save £10.00 | RRP £84.95
Save £14.00 | RRP £89.95
Save £6.00 | RRP £70.95
Save £37.00 | RRP £136.95
Save £24.50 | RRP £75.95
Save £15.00 | RRP £54.95
Save £3.00 | RRP £51.95
Save £31.00 | RRP £198.95
Save £14.00 | RRP £38.95
Save £23.00 | RRP £89.95
Save £3.00 | RRP £122.95
Save £4.00 | RRP £31.95
Save £14.00 | RRP £48.95
Save £4.00 | RRP £31.95
Save £33.00 | RRP £132.95
Save £28.50 | RRP £104.95
Save £6.00 | RRP £119.95
Save £21.00 | RRP £70.95
Save £5.00 | RRP £34.95
Save £4.00 | RRP £82.95

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Fireside & Mantel Accessories

One of the great things about autumn and winter is that we all have an excuse to get cosy!

A great way to get your home decor ready for the colder months is to invest in some stylish Fireside and Mantel Accessories.

We have a fabulous collection of fire and mantel decor that will transform your living room space into your favourite place!

What are Fireside & Mantel Accessories?

Fireside and Mantel Accessories are items that either have a practical use, a decorative use or both! A fireplace is often a statement interior element in a room, though they are hard to ignore visually they do often get left behind when it comes to decoration.

We want our customers to get the most out of their interior space, so we have put together this handy category of stunning vintage, art deco, rustic and modern style home accessories specifically for this area!

What style of Fireplace Decor do you stock?

Our Fireplace Decor collection encompasses a stylish variety of items in a selection of styles, colours, sizes and uses!

Fireside Companion Set:

Have you been searching for some practical but stylish accessories to help you tame your fire? We now stock Fireside Companion Sets! What are Fireside Companion Sets? Fireside Companion Sets are a collection of handy tools to help manage your fire.

Sets tend to include a shovel, coal pickers and a sweeping brush all stored together with a handy storage stand. These fabulous fireside accessories not only looks gorgeous but help you clean up your fireplace space and make it safer for you to have a traditional fire in your home.

Log & Kindling Storage:

One of the messiest things about having a traditional fire is how you feed it. Some prefer coal, others kindling and many prefer classic wooden logs. But regardless of what material you like using, you need somewhere to store it. We have source a stylish variety of buckets and storage specifically for this use. Our fireplace storage includes classic, vintage and modern options, so no matter what home decor theme you have chosen, we have the storage for you!

Fire Screens:

Fire Screens are arguably the most important fireplace accessory to invest in. Fire Screen not only look stunning, they also promote fire safety and responsibility as fire screens act as a protective barrier, making it more difficult for ash or embers to escape from the fireplace and cause a fire.

We boast a beautiful selection of Fire Screens in vintage, art deco and modern styles - update your home with a home decor piece that's safe as well as beautiful.


Lanterns are a great way to decorate your fireplace area. Candle holders and lanterns are one of the easiest items to use to decorate this area and help accentuate the cosy ambience a fireplace creates. Our Lanterns collection spans vintage, shabby chic, rustic, luxurious and industrial designs.

What types of Mantel Decor do you have?

We have a wide collection of mantel decor available in a wide array of styles and designed for a variety of uses including mirrors, clocks, candle storage and more!


Any mantelpiece can be easily updated with a statement mirror. Mirrors are the home decor item most often mounted above a mantelpiece. Mirrors can easily make a room appear larger due to their reflective nature as well added a dramatic vibe to a space. We boast a beautiful collection of Mantel Mirrors including vintage, rustic, Scandinavian and luxury styles.


Is your mantel space looking a little bare? A great item to include in your home decor is a mantel clock. Our mantel clocks span a selection of styles such as vintage, glamorous, rustic, industrial and modern designs. We are constantly updating our clock collection, including mantel clocks and if there is a design you are searching for but can’t fins. Please contact us as we may be able to source something for you.


Garland are a quick and simple way of dressing up a mantel space. If you wish to update this space with a stylish home accessory that won’t need to be styled or accessorised, choose a garland! We stock seasonal garlands, such as Christmas or autumnal designs.

Candle Storage:

We boast a huge selection of candle holders, candlesticks and candle storage perfect for sitting on a mantle piece. Our collection spans across a variety of interior decor styles including vintage, shabby chic, luxurious, rustic, industrial and classic candle storage designs.

Fairy Lights:

Fairy Lights are a pretty home accessory for a fireplace space and can quickly create a sense of warmth and ambience in a room. We have a collection of fairy lights that will quickly update any mantelpiece in a variety of styles and colours.

How long will it take to deliver my order?

How long your order takes to get to you depends on a variety of factors; what you ordered, if your item is in stock and where in the country you live.

For smaller home accessories, mirrors or furniture pieces delivery can be a soon as 1-3 days.

Larger furniture, mirrors and home decor can take up to 3-12 days to be delivered.

We want our customers to get their orders as soon as possible, so we will plan your delivery around whereabouts in the country you live.

We offer free standard delivery on orders over £50 as well as a 200 day returns policy.You can read more about our Delivery & Returns Policy by clicking here.

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