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Customer Services

Customer service is our number one priority. If you think we can improve on anything at all, please let us know.

We have taken every care in the preparation of the content of our website, and, in particular to ensure that prices quoted are correct at time of publishing and all products have been fairly described. However, orders will only be accepted if there are no material errors in the description of the goods or their prices as advertised on this website.
All prices are displayed inclusive of VAT. We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colours of our products that appear on the website.
However, as the actual colours you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any colour will accurately reflect the colour of the product on delivery. Descriptions are always as accurate as possible so please read them carefully before buying. Measurements are to the nearest half inch and are taken at the widest/largest point on the item.

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You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account and any activities that occur under your account. We shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which may arise as a result of any failure by you to protect your password or account.

Cancellation rights
Under the Distance Selling Regulations you have the legal right to cancel your order within seven working days of receipt of the order. Where goods are delivered to a third party you will only be able to exercise this right if you are able to return to us the goods you ordered. For details of how to exercise this right please see our Refunds section.

Discounts & Offers
We reserve the right to withdraw any promotional discounts or offers at any time and to refund any orders that involve the use of invalid or incorrect voucher/discount codes without affecting our statutory rights.

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Unless otherwise specified, the materials on this website are directed solely at those who access this website from the United Kingdom.
We make no representation that any products referred to in the materials on this website are appropriate for use, or available, in other locations. Those who choose to access this site from other locations are responsible for compliance with local laws if and to the extent local laws are applicable.

Contact details

Tel - 01302 741000
MelodyMaison Limited
Lords Wood Road
DN11 8BZ

Thank you - Melody Maison

Information on terms

Shabby Chic

The term shabby chic is used to describe objects which have been aged to replicate wear and tear in a way that enhances the overall look. In particular, in the case of furnishings and home accessories, shabby chic can mean a painted finish or glaze has been added or areas of paintwork have been distressed by sanding either to the base wood or to an under coat to give the lived-in look. In distressing, the object's finish is intentionally destroyed or manipulated to look less than perfect; this becomes the "finished" piece.
Distressing has become a popular design style and decorative art form. The artisan attempts a rustic, attractive, one-of-a-kind appearance or vintage look. The final appearance is often called the patina.

Distressing can be applied to a variety of surfaces and materials such as wood, glass, metal, plastic and paint. The shabby chic style has made both distressing and antiquing popular.

Shabby chic mimics the type of decoration found in large country houses or a French chateau that has been untouched for many years, where there are worn and faded old sofas and curtains and old paintwork. The end result of the shabby chic look is to achieve an elegant overall effect without appearing too pompous or grand.
In particular, many shabby chic items are also paired with words such as French style - the French being of world renowned understated good taste. The French inspired look incorporates furnishings and accessories that look either pale or rich in colour, usually pretty, sometimes country or rustic farmhouse style or in the case of deep and rich colours, evoke the slightly daring boudoir look.

In choosing shabby chic decor, the look need not be too contrived or colour matched as the overall look should appear effortless and almost accidental.

French style furnishings

From the understated pale aged shabby chic look, through to the ornate and grand rococo style, and all the way to the more recent revival of boudoir chic using jewel colours paired with gold - The French style covers a plethora of interior.

The French country chateau look or shabby chic look would be furnishings that are possibly rustic and gentile in look and design, whereas the rococo look is usually bold, rich in colour and excessively designed, whilst the boudoir look can hint at both these areas, including the sumptuous and ornate rococo look paired with aged and slightly more effortless French style furniture.

Rococo is a style of 18th century French art and interior design. Rococo style rooms were originally designed as total works of art with elegant and ornate furniture, small sculptures, ornamental mirrors, and tapestry complementing architecture, reliefs, and wall paintings. It was largely supplanted by the Neoclassic style of French style furniture.

The word Rococo is seen as a combination of the French rocaille, or shell, and the Italian barocco, or Baroque style. Due to Rococo love of shell-like curves and focus on decorative arts, some critics used the term to derogatively imply that the style was frivolous or merely fashion; interestingly, when the term was first used in English in about 1836, it was a colloquialism meaning "old-fashioned". However, since the mid 19th century, the term has been much more accepted as French style furniture. While there is still some debate about the historical significance of the style to art in general, Rococo is now widely recognized as a major period in the development of European art.

The word boudoir meaning a lady's private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. The term derives from the French bouder, meaning "to pout" with regards to French style furniture. Historically, the boudoir formed part of the private suite of rooms of a lady, for bathing and dressing, adjacent to her bedchamber. In later periods, the boudoir was used as a private drawing room and was used for other activities, such as entertaining intimate acquaintances. This is not just a look for bedrooms but an overall look that incorporates both shabby chic, rococo and baroque influences usually in rich warm colours and golds and black. So whether you want a shabby chic, boudoir, French style or a stunning piece to make a statement then Melody Maison is the place to buy online using our secure e-commerce shop.

Wire mannequins

Mannequin (alternately, manikin, mannikin, manakin, dummy). The word comes from the Dutch word manneken, literally meaning 'little man'. Mannequin is the French form.

Mannequins are traditionally used for displaying clothes or assisting a seamstress in making clothing but more recently the mannequin has evolved into a piece or artwork or decoration in its own right. The most decorative being an ornate vintage style wire mannequin. Made predominantly from metal wire and painted in almost every colour to add a focal point to a room or shop.
Usually the ornamental mannequin does not imitate the exact figure of a "normal shaped" woman but may have a nipped in waist and over emphasized bust and hips.
Mannequins of this kind can be used to hang bedroom and clothing accessories from or pretty much stand alone, filling an empty corner or shop window in a very French style vintage way. Perfect for the risque boudoir style theme or in paler colours, for a pretty or feminine shabby chic style setting.

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