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Shabby Chic Home Accessories

What is Shabby Chic?

Shabby Chic is an interior design term describing a style in which items are chosen due to their age and the subsequent wear and tear they have received or are new items distressed to give the same effect.

Shabby Chic style is often viewed as soft, romantic and feminine. This interior theme often includes furniture and decor with ornate detailing, a curved design, floral painting or appliques as well as a signature heavily distressed painted finish.

Shabby Chic in itself is actually a rather broad term that covers a variety of interior looks that come under the umbrella Shabby Chic. So, what type of Shabby Chic Home Accessories would suit you?

What are the different types of Shabby Chic?

There are several distinct types of Shabby Chic available for you to choose from, let’s have a quick look at what they are!

Classic Chateau:

Classic Chateau inspired Shabby Chic style relies heavily on the designs of classic rococo French interiors. Think opulent, ornate furniture with plenty of intricate carving and curved legs. Then imagine that same piece of furniture left in a chateau in provence for hundreds of years and the natural wear and tear that would come with that length of time. That is the look you want when trying to recreate this style. Cherubs, flowers and festoons are common motifs connected to this theme as well as dried flowers or hanging ivy that are often featured to help establish an authentic vintage feel.

English Country:

England was one of the first places to truly embrace this interior style, so it’s no surprise that the English version is one of the most recognisable. Think an incredibly pale colour palette of whites or ivory with a dash of faded sky blues, blush pinks or pale greens. Roses are almost synonymous with shabby chic, particularly this style! Think about including home decor with rose detailing, furniture with a painted rose finish or rose printed soft furnishings Embroidered detailing, ditsy prints and country style are pivotal in achieving this look.

French Farmhouse:

The French Farmhouse style of Shabby Chic is seemingly never going to go out of style. French Farmhouse Shabby Chic is where the rustic countryside meets the elegant chateau and the style is a mix of these two looks. Think a base colour scheme of whites and creams, with exposed beams and wooden floors framing the room. Furniture is a mix of simple rustic wooden pieces and ornate vintage influenced designs with a multitude of light linen and cotton fabrics flowing throughout. Decorate with a mix of vintage decor and country style home accessories and finish with a French flair.

What are your top selling Shabby Chic Home Accessories items?

Classic Chateau Style Items:

Classic Chateau is meant to be ornate, elegant yet have a vintage vibe. Our most popular Shabby Chic Home Accessories in this style are this Ornate Candle Holder with Glass, this stunning Ornate White Wall Mirror Candle Sconce and this beautiful Lace Detailed Mirrored Display Tray. The intricate detailing and distressed finish of these items are Classic Chateau Shabby Chic and are a stylish way to introduce this style in you home.

English Country Style Items:

To achieve the popular English Country style of Shabby Chic your home decor should look as though it was lifted from a cotswolds cottage. Products like this charming Large White Wooden Butlers Tray, this pretty White Rose Wall Art

French Farmhouse Style Items:

For the French Farmhouse theme choose rustic pieces with vintage inspired design like this lovely Extra Large Natural Rustic Twig Heart Wall Art, this quirky Long Rustic Wooden Tray or this beautiful Natural Washed Wooden Rustic Candle Lantern to help create that ideal mix between rustic country and vintage elegance.

Found your favourite Shabby Chic Home Accessories? Know it’s time to get the furniture to match! Click here to shop our stunning Furniture collection now!

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