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Large Silver Ornate Wall/Floor Mirror 158cm x 78cm
Save £42.00 | RRP £171.95
Tall Silver Ornate Mirror 47cm x 142cm
Save £23.00 | RRP £89.95
Gold Monstera Leaf Drawer Knob
Save £0.10 | RRP £3.95
Large Ornate Silver Wall/Floor Mirror 176cm x 76cm
Save £40.00 | RRP £169.95
Large Gold Mirrored Cocktail Tray
Save £18.00 | RRP £47.95
Extra Large Silver Skeleton Wall Clock 80cm x 80cm
Save £33.00 | RRP £102.95
Silver Rabbit Head Drawer Knob
Save £2.00 | RRP £4.95
Tall Silver Ornate Bevelled Mirror 47cm x 142cm
Save £23.00 | RRP £89.95
Large Silver Wall Mounted Angel Wings
Save £15.00 | RRP £64.95
Tall Silver Wall / Leaner Mirror
Save £23.00 | RRP £89.95
Gold Pineapple Drawer Knob
Save £2.00 | RRP £5.95
Large Black Thin Framed Leaner Mirror 80cm x 180cm
Save £42.00 | RRP £218.95
Large Ornate Silver Wall / Floor Mirror 90cm x 168cm
Save £73.00 | RRP £272.95
Gold & Marble Round Bar Cart
Ornate Frameless Bevelled Wall Mirror
Save £13.00 | RRP £52.95
Half Moon Mirrored Console Table - Tiffany Range
Save £43.00 | RRP £192.95
Gold Mirrored Oval Drinks Trolley
Save £57.00 | RRP £189.95
Ornate Silver Full Length leaner /wall Mirror 168cm x 54cm
Gold Elephant Head Wall Hook
Save £3.00 | RRP £6.95
Tall Brushed Gold Thin Framed Wall Mirror / Leaner Mirror 42cm x 156cm
Art Deco Fan Frameless Wall Mirror 40cm x 60cm
Save £5.00 | RRP £52.95
Rectangle Jewelled Mirrored Display Plate Tray
Large Ornate Silver Wall/Floor Mirror 158cm x 78cm
Save £42.00 | RRP £171.95
Silver Metal Stags Head 38cm x 25cm
Tall Brushed Gold Wall / Floor / Leaner Mirror 47cm x 142cm
Save £10.00 | RRP £118.95
Round Brass Metal Wall Candle Holder
Round Black Wall Mirror 50cm x 50cm
Save £6.00 | RRP £52.95
Tall Champagne Silver Wall Mirror 47cm x 142cm
Save £28.00 | RRP £89.95
Large Round Gold Mirror 100cm x 100cm
Large Ornate Grey Wall / Floor / Leaner Mirror 158cm x 79cm
Save £82.00 | RRP £181.95
Round Green & Gold Metal Display Tray
Save £1.00 | RRP £10.95
Medium Round Gold Patterned Planter
Save £3.00 | RRP £25.95
Gold & Pink Furry Memo Board - Large
Save £4.00 | RRP £17.95
Ornate Candle Holder with Glass
Save £4.00 | RRP £16.95
Silver Monstera Leaf Drawer Knob
Antique Gold Hares Table Lamp with Green Shade
Tall Gold Mirrored 2 Tier Storage Caddy
Save £2.00 | RRP £39.95
Save £1.00 | RRP £7.95
Round Wall Mirror with Shelf
Save £11.00 | RRP £64.95
Save £1.00 | RRP £3.95
Antique Gold Arched Triple Vanity Mirror 60cm x 72cm
Save £1.00 | RRP £84.95
Save £3.00 | RRP £14.95
Ornate Silver Wall Mirror with Bevelled Glass 52cm x 42cm
Save £3.00 | RRP £38.95
Bedroom Set, Pair of Mirrored 2 Drawer Bedside Tables - Tiffany Range
Save £187.95 | RRP £459.90
Large Rustic World Map Hanging Canvas Print 106CM x 73CM
Save £10.00 | RRP £49.95

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What’s Trending

Do you want to know What’s Trending right now?

We want our customers to stay up to date with the latest interior design trends. 

That’s why we have created some stylish collection of all interior trends we think our customers will love.

Take a look at What’s Trending right now and get inspired.

What is trending?

Crazy About Copper:

What is Crazy About Copper?

Copper home decor has skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years. Copper and rose gold furniture, mirrors and home decor will add a stylish touch to any room. Our Crazy About Copper collection contains all of our copper and rose gold coloured items including furniture, mirrors and home decor.

Modern Luxe:

What is Modern Luxe? Modern Luxe is a contemporary take on the classic, luxurious interior style. Think elegant furniture, sleek finishes, plush fabrics and plenty of metal tones. Modern Luke can be incorporated into colourful interiors or monochrome styles. To nail the modern luxe trend, it’s all about the details! Make sure to use a fabulous array of fabrics, such as fur or velvet, as well as gold, silver or copper home decor to achieve the Modern Luxe vibe.

Urban Jungle:

What is Urban Jungle?

The Urban Jungle interior trend is influenced by several other interior themes; industrial, rustic and scandi style interiors. This influence can be seen in Urban Jungles use of a mixture of materials, patterns and prints. One of the most important stylistic aspects to this trend is the introduction of animal inspired home decor as well as botanical inspired accessories and an abundance of house plants.

Scandi Styling:

What is Scandi Styling?

Scandi Styling is our collection of all Nordic, Scandinavia style furniture and home decor. Scandi style items are defined by its use of minimalist design and a paler colour palette. Items often have a rustic feel as wood, both natural and bleached, is a common materials used in this style. Scandi style is uncomplicated but incredibly chic and depends on the design to do the talking. 

French Fancy:

What is French Fancy?

The French Fancy collection contains all items with a classic, French feel. When trying to replicate this trend choose furniture with a feminine design, rococo inspired detailing and a distressed finish. Products should have a vintage or shabby chic vibe and revolve around a pale colour palette. White, Cream or Grey furniture and home decor is most often used when creating this interior decor style. However, pastel tones or other muted colours can be introduced sparingly, as not to overpower the look.

Silver Styling:

What is Silver Styling?

Silver is the most popular metal tone for choice for home decor and home accessories. The Silver Styling collection contains all our silver furniture, mirrors and home decor. Our collection spans across side tables, dressing tables, mirrors, wall art, wall decor, candle holders, trays and more!

The Gold Rush:

What is The Gold Rush?

Gold has had a huge resurgence in the past few years. At one point it was seen as too opulent to be featured heavily in regular homes. However, trends have changed and introducing gold into your home decor has never been more in fashion! The Gold Rush collection contains all Gold furniture, mirrors and home decor we stock. This collection includes gold mirrors, tables, trays, clocks, wall decor, candle holders and more!

Think Pink:

What is This Pink?

Pink is one of the biggest interior decor trends of the last few years. In the past pink was reserved for bedrooms or nurseries. Recently pink has become a staple for all trending restaurants, bars or hotels and is considered a cutting edge colour in current interior design. We boast a stunning collection of pink chairs, tables, wall art, mirrors and other furniture and home decor. Any shade of pink goes, from shocking fuchsia pinks to pale baby pink, anything goes!

Boho Beautiful:

What is Boho Beautiful?

Boho style covers an eclectic mix of furniture, mirrors and home decor and is an umbrella term for a range of distinct style, all with a bohemian vibe. Boho style includes items with a rustic, scandi, North African or central European vibe. Bohemian inspired interiors can be colourful, muted or a mix of both. The great thing about boho style is it’s near impossible to get wrong, thanks to its quirky mix of materials, colours and themes!

The Industrial Revolution:

What is The Industrial Revolution?

Industrial style takes its interior inspiration from warehouses, lofts and factories. Industrial style revolves around a more earth toned colour palette, with many items being made from wood, brick or stone. Home decor includes quirky, industrial inspired details such as cogs or pipework. Industrial style interiors is one of the easiest trends to jump on!

Country Chic:

What is country chic?

Country chic style is reminiscent of charming English cottages or fabulous French farmhouses. Furniture and home decor has a rustic edge but works with a pale colour palette. Think of a cream painted dining room table and chairs, with a distressed finish - this is country chic. We stock a stunning collection of country inspired item including wall art, mirrors, lighting, furniture and more.

I ‘LOVE’ Decor:

What is I ‘LOVE’ Decor?

This collection is all of our pretty home accessories revolving around love! This includes all of our heart shaped home decor as well as all of home accessories with our sweet love themed sayings. This collection includes wall art, soft furnishings, lighting, storage and more!

Shimmer & Shine:

What is Shimmer & Shine?

The Shimmer & Shine collection contains all of our furniture, mirrors and home decor with a glamorous or luxurious feel. Anything glitzy, glittery or glam has been added into this collection. The Shimmer & Shine collection is ideal for lovers of anything beautiful!

Animal Madness:

What is Animal Madness?

The Animal Madness range contains all animal inspired products! One of the easiest ways to add a quirky touch to your decor theme is by introducing some animal heads, ornaments or animal print home accessories! We boast a stylish collection of animal heads, including stag heads, zebra heads and buffalo heads. Our collection also includes some fabulous animal inspired storage boxes, mirrors, hooks and ornaments!

Home Bar Styling:

What is Home Bar Styling?

The Home Bar Styling collection contains an assortment of everything you need to create your own trending home bar space. We stock a wide selection of bar carts, bar trolleys, cocktail shakers, mirrored trays, ice buckets and other home accessories that will transform your home bar space from drab to fab!

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

We try to get our customers’ orders to them as soon as possible. However, how long it takes to deliver you order depends on several factors; where you live, what you ordered and if the item is in stock online. We want to make sure our customers are as informed as possible before they place an online order. That’s why we have included the approximate length of delivery and the amount of stock available on each product listing. Most items we stock will be with you within 1-3 working days, though some larger or more fragile items could take between 3-12 working days. We also offer free standard shipping on orders over £50 as well as a 200 day returns policy. There are some exceptions to these offers, please read our full Delivery and Returns policy to make sure are eligible. 

If you need any more information on any product, please contact our customer service team, as they are always happy to help. Our customer service team can be contacted by phone, email or live chat. You can view all ways to contact us by clicking here.

Are these interior trends not your style?

Have a browse of our cull furniture, mirrors or home decor collection and update you home with something gorgeous!

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