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Anna Anna: AKA Little Miss Wise (The Boss Lady!!)
She is wise as an owl Ė possibly, two owls.

With an all knowing mind, always there with vision and guidance.

Tracey Tracey: AKA Little Miss Tidy
Little Miss Tidy loves to keep things neat and clean.

With her helpful and kind ways she will be happy if you keep your desk clean. Always doing everything she can.

Fixer and problem solver extraordinaire- you have a problem she will fix it!

Nicola Nicola: AKA Little Miss Helpful
Little Miss Helpful tries to help everyone-

All round Customer Service Star : If she canít help you she will find out who can and always finds an answer.

Holly Holly: AKA Little Miss Magic
Miss Magic, comes in to our office and works her magic to help everyone with their day.

She always amazes us and everything gets done in a flash!

The Warehouse team:

Sam Sam: AKA Little Miss Careful (the best packing lady in the land)
Little Miss Careful is always cautious, and looks before she leaps.

Making sure that everything she does accurate and correct.

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