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French Fancy

What is French style?

French style is that timeless elegance that French interiors ooze in abundance.
Think neutral toned interiors, luxury upholstery and ornately detailed furniture with a colour pallet dominated by whites, creams and pastel shades.
Nothing is too detailed, too vintage or too opulent for a French inspired interior due to the assortment of décor themes that come under the umbrella ’French style’.

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Types Of French Style

Classic French

Classic French style can be characterised by the furniture produced during rococo era France. Furniture was designed and crafted with incredible attention to detail – the more ornate the piece, the more it costs and therefore the wealthier the family appeared. In the present day we can achieve the rococo look for a fraction of the price. For instance, our Pays Blanc Range of furniture is just as stunning as pieces created during that time, but you don't have to reside in a chateau to be able to own it!

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Vintage French

Vintage French is that classic Parisian look we were inundating with during the height of French cinema in the 1960's. The image of high ceilings, antique details and all white everything dominates our view of French interiors today, and for a good reason, it never goes out of style! To achieve the vintage French look aim to include items such as this Ornate Mirrored Wall Sconce or Antique White Wall Mirror – both items have that all important French style without the ostentatious look of classic French pieces.

Rustic French

The Rustic French look is a little different. Rather than the chateaus and city centre apartments that instantly come to mind when trying to implement the styles previously discussed, rustic French style is best identified as the classic country farmhouse look with a twist – a very shabby twist. Shabby chic is the name often attributed to rustic French interiors. It's one of our favourite interior styles and is an incredibly easy look to achieve. Think beautiful painted furniture with an aged or weathered finish, vintage inspired wall prints and always include flowers for a pop of colour.

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