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How long should a girl spend in front of a mirror?

Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors
The average UK woman spends 55 minutes every day in front of a mirror. From getting ready in the morning to brushing our teeth at night mirrors have become an essential part of our daily lives. As a woman there are several times a day that we use mirrors to check ourselves out without really thinking about it:

When leaving the bathroom (the ‘Is this skirt tucked into my pants’ check)

Just before we leave the house (the ‘Is it too warm for this jacket’ check)

Just before heading into a meeting (the ‘Is my lipstick on my teeth’ check)

For this reason mirrors are more than just decorative items – they are weapons we use in the war against bad style choices and we love them for it!

Here at Melody Maison Mirrors are one of our top selling categories and we make sure to supply a selection of mirrors to suit all functions, themes and style choices. Here we pick our favourites:

The perfect ‘Dressing Table’ mirror:

A girl’s dressing table is her sacred space. It where all the magic happens in the morning that transforms her from a half asleep zombie to a bright eyed amazon. We love this dressing table mirror from our classic white range. The triple mirror design makes applying makeup and styling hair a breeze and the ornate flower carving adds an air of glamour.

The perfect ‘Hallway’ mirror: 

Perhaps one of the most essential mirrors is the one we check before we leave the house – the hallway mirror. The best thing about hallway mirrors isn’t just that they are our last chance to check if we have spinach in our teeth before we leave the house, it’s that adding a large mirror to a small space such as a hallway will create the illusion of extra space due to its reflective nature. Double win!

The perfect ‘Bathroom’ Mirror:

The bathroom is reserved for relaxation and the pursuit of cleanliness – when we get a minute in there to ourselves! We love this mirrored cabinet and thinks it’s ideal for the bathroom. The worn painted finish and ornate carved detailing give it a shabby chic feel that’s right on trend while the two inside shelves are a great space saver!

 The perfect ‘Full length’ mirror:

One of the main uses of mirrors is to check out our daily assembles. Is this skirt too short? Do these shoes match? Is my hair falling how I want it to? All these questions can be answered with one thing – a full length mirror! Having a full length mirror anywhere in your home guarantees that you won’t leave the house unless you’re looking 100% on point!

The perfect ‘Small’ mirror:

Small mirrors are some of the most popular items we sell at Melody Maison. This small ornate wall mirror is a favourite of our small mirror collection due to its bevelled edges and simple gold ribbon design making it fit in perfectly in any room. We especially love this mirror when used in conjecture with a host of other small mirrors to give a mirrored wall effect – perfect for a dressing room!

The perfect ‘Outdoor’ mirror:

Mirrors are not just an indoor style choice. In recent years designers have been bringing mirrors to the outside space. This is perfect for city living when many have small gardens or limited outdoor areas as using mirrors creates the illusion of extra space. We love this quirky arched wall window mirror!

The perfect ‘Decorative’ mirror:

Sometime the mirrors we choose aren’t necessarily for practical use. Decorative mirrors have an impact due solely to design, be they ornate, art deco or shabby chic inspired. We love decorative mirrors as they create a focal point in any room. We adore this sunburst mirror – it would be a talking point for guests at any dinner party.

 If you would like to see our full collection of mirrors click here.

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