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How to bring a touch of Gatsby style to your home

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In this current age, there are more fashion styles for homes than ever before, whilst I don’t have all of them in my home (and boy I have a few!) I admire most tastes in décor. One that has always fascinated me, but never made its way into my home however is art deco. That is all about to change however, as I’m planning a huge project in my games room with a nod to this style at the forefront of my plans. 

We all love a bit of olden days glamour, and the mystique of the early part of the last century, and most especially the roaring ‘20s and all that surrounded the underworld at that time was summed up in the tale of ‘The Great Gatsby’, the 1920’s novel by F.Scott Fitzgerald, more recently reinvigorated in the blockbuster film , by the great Director Baz Lurman (who knows how to style a film! - see Moulin rouge too for his other amazing similarly styled works of art) in which this look was brought to life in full colour glory and embraced to the max. I have to confess I love a good film, but I’m more likely to be hooked when they have a stunning backdrop! 

 This a time when anyone who was anyone wanted to shorten the length of their skirts, dance, drink alcohol, and live the American dream. Of course a lot of this was either illegal or immoral back then (thankfully not now, otherwise most of us, me included would be well and truly in trouble!)However, I’m not here to judge there (or your) levels of skill or depravity on the dancing and drinking scene! I’m here to talk about the décor of the time, and whoa, did they know how to do glam!

You only have to look at programs like Downtown Abbey or the Films based around this era, to see they did rich, opulent and lots of shape and form, the most famous being the art deco period. Colours were dark and rich, and strong and glitzy. Think velvet, feathers, brass, mirrors, tassels, with bold gold, silver, and black and sumptuous pinks, coppers and whites, and the great news is, we can all put a taste of all or any of those in small or large doses into our home décor.

 Black and Gold - These 2 colours combined, say wow , striking, lush, warm and rich – try to find angled shapes, in particular fan shapes, here's some great pieces that will add small dashes of the bygone era, or if you fancy a full art deco overhaul, pop on over to the blog to see loads of room scenes and decorating ideas to channel your inner flapper girl or mobster! 

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