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Silver Mirrored Furniture oozes class and elegance. We stock a large range of Silver Mirrored Furniture to suit all tastes and interior themes. Read more...

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Silver Mirrored Furniture

Silver mirrored furniture is one of our most popular furniture styles! We boast a stunning variety of silver mirrored furniture ranges, such as the vintage inspired Tiffany Range, the classic looking Verona Range, the luxurious Monique Range and the art deco inspired Mirrored Classique Range as well as others! If you’re unsure which furniture range to include in your living space, let us inspire you to choose silver mirrored furniture!

Why choose Silver Furniture?

Silver is a classic interior choice for a reason, it’s glamorous, understated and eternally stylish! But why should you choose silver over gold or copper? Because silver is so versatile! Silver comes in a variety of shades and styles - such as antique silver, chrome silver or champagne silver. Because of the variety of shades available, and silvers prevalence in the interior world, you can choose the best silver shade for your home and easily find the decor to match.

Why choose Mirrored Furniture?

Mirrored furniture is timeless, elegant and instantly makes you think of luxury. One of the leading reasons to introduce mirrored furniture into your home is its light reflecting capabilities! Mirrored furniture, particularly silver mirrored furniture, is highly reflective and reflective surfaces immediately make a space appear larger. As silver mirrored furniture looks best when paired with pale or neutral colour themes, such as white or grey, its reflective nature is highlighted as the lighter a colour is, the better it will reflect and the larger a room will appear.

What do you style with Silver Mirrored Furniture?

Once you have chosen the shade of silver for you, the next step is getting the right home decor! Here at Melody Maison, we make sure to stock mirrors and other home accessories that will perfectly match our furniture ranges and help our customers get the most out of their shopping experience. We stock more silver mirrors than any other colours, including; wall mirrors, full length mirrors, decorative mirrors and tabletop mirrors! We also stock a beautiful selection of silver wall art, lighting, trays and other home decor to help you create your own slice of silver mirrored heaven.

Where should I add Silver Mirrored Furniture in my home?

Like all mirrored furniture, silver mirrored furniture is more delicate than other furniture designs made from wood or metal. Any type of mirror, including furniture, runs the risk of chips, cracks or scratches appearing on the surface and in most cases, are impossible to rectify once made. To help avoid this, we advise to bypass introducing silver mirrored furniture to high traffic areas of your home. For instance, if you and your family eat at the dinner table every night, a silver mirrored dining table may not be the best choice as the wear and tear will quickly show. Likewise, mirrored furniture in a living room looks incredibly chic, but we would suggest avoiding a mirrored sideboard, side table or coffee table if your home includes toddlers or pets, as these items could be easily damaged and smashed mirrors run the risk of injury to anyone, but small children and animals are most vulnerable. The room we think mirrored furniture works best in is the bedroom. A beautiful silver mirrored chest of drawers, wardrobe or dressing table would look beautiful, elegant and instantly classy. This is why our Tiffany Range is incredibly popular, particularly the bedroom furniture set, as this collection includes a variety of bedside, dressing table and chest designs as well a stunning double mirrored wardrobe.

Which Silver Mirrored Furniture Range would work best for me?

Your choice of Silver Mirrored Furniture depends entirely on your chosen interior theme. Let us help you decide with our Range guide.

The Tiffany Range

The Tiffany Range is a stunning collection of antique silver painted wooden furniture. Each piece comes with bevelled mirrored panelling, ornate vintage style detailing and glamorous crystal handles. The Tiffany Range includes items designed for bedroom, living room, dining room and hallway use. This range is ideal for lovers of classic French rococo style and vintage design. 

The Monique Range

The Monique Range is a unique collection of silver embossed mirrored furniture. What makes the Monique Range different from other furniture collection is its stunning North African inspired flower and leaf printed detailing. However, not all pieces of the Monique Range are mirrored and items are available for those who are looking for silver furniture without any mirrored detailing.

The Mirrored Classique Range

The Mirrored Classique Range is a beautiful, art deco inspired furniture collection. The Mirrored Classique Range differs from other silver mirrored furniture ranges due to this collection having a champagne silver finish. The Mirrored Classique Range is perfect for those who want that classic, Gatsby-esque old school glamour. The Mirrored Classique Range includes a variety of mirrored chest of drawers and bedside table designs as well as a beautiful dressing table.

Ultimately, quality furniture is a long term investment and if you are still unsure about choosing Silver Mirrored Furniture for your home, have a look at our Gold Mirrored Furniture and Grey Mirrored Furniture collections. We try to stock something to suit all of our customers tastes and hope you find the furniture collection that’s right for you.
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