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Create an account & use your friend's unique referral code to get £10 off your first order!

Start referring your own friends & get £10 credit for every friend you refer!

Create an account
£10 off for you
& £10 off for your friend!
The more you refer, the more you earn!
Share your
referral code

Step 1:

Log in to your Melody Maison account to get your unique referral code or link to share with your friends and family

Your friend
saves £10

Step 2:

Your friend will get £10 off their first order when they spend £75+.

They must use your unique referral code or link to receive this discount.

You'll receive
£10 credit

Step 3:

You will earn £10 credit for every successful referral you make.

We will notify you via email when it's available in your account and ready to spend.


Read our most Frequently Asked Questions about our referral scheme.

How does the referral scheme work?

How it works is that you share your referral code with your friend and they copy and paste your unique code at the basket, before placing their order. This code will take £10.00 off their order total. Your friend's order must exceed £75.00.

Once your friend has received their order, you will receive £10.00 of credit to your Refer-A-Friend account. We will email you when this credit is available to use.

You can redeem your credit and a unique code will be generated that you can use at the basket on your next order. Or, you can leave your credit to build up for a future order. The more friends you refer, the more you earn.

How can I see how many friends I have referred and how much credit I have?

The amount of successful referrals you have made is available to view on your account, in the Refer-A-Friend section. Your available credit is also available to view on this page.

Please note, both of these figures will only be available once your friend has received their order and it has been marked as a success.

How long does it take to receive my credit for a referral?

As long as your friend has ordered an in stock item, your credit will appear in your account 14 days after they have placed your order.

This allows time for their order to be delivered and your friend to make sure everything have arrived safely, as customers have 7 days to report issues.

If you friend orders an item that is not in stock currently, your credit will only be received 14 days after we have sent out their order.

When will my referral credit expire?

Your credit expires 1 year after it has arrived in your account. Please make sure you use your credit before it expires. We will send you email reminders 31 days, 7 days and 24 hours before your credit expires.

Will I still get the referral credit if my friend places an order but doesn't use my link or my code?

No, your friend must have used your unique referral code for you to receive credit.

Can my friend still take advantage of the referral scheme if they have shopped with Melody Maison before?

Sorry, but no, your referral code will only work on their first order. This order must also exceed £75.00 for them to be able to use your referral code.

What requirements do my friends need to meet in order for the referral to be successful?

It must be your friend's first order with Melody Maison. Your friend must have used your unique referral code at the basket.

Your friend's order must exceed £75.00 in order for them to be able to use your referral code.

Your friend must have an account at Melody Maison in order for them to use your referral code.

Where can I read all of the Terms & Conditions on this Refer-A-Friend program?

You can read all of the applicable Terms & Conditions here.

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